Friday, March 6, 2009


Do you hear that? Can you see it on her face?

There is nothing. There is numbness. It is over. Not like before, but different this time. He could call and so could she, but they both choose not to.

They had fun, until the fun stopped, and now, they move forward, alone. It was good until she insisted on more. She wanted more. She wanted a man, he wanted a lover. No harsh words need to be spoken, no thoughts, no feeling, no long-sad good-byes, just silence. And silence is the loudest, most sincere way for them to part.

Any other way is too hard. And yet, there is no good-bye, for there is no need. They will meet again. They are still in each others lives, just not in the same way now.

It was fun, for a while. The fun stopped.

Now, she sits numb. Fine being alone, but missing having that someone of whom she can rely on to entertain her, in one form or another. And he, he, will find perspective replacements, to fill the void that he still longs after, a wife, a child; but he will wander aimlessly, as this is not priority for the commitment-phobic and therefore, not really a goal for the soon-foreseeable future.

It’s better this way. For she can move past the feeling of being unfulfilled in her relationship and he will not risk the embarrassment and shame of loving a common girl.

They both seek entertainment and fun.

They will both find what they seek, just no longer in each other.

No long-sad-hard-good-byes, just silence. Loud silence.