Sunday, December 27, 2009


Reflections in the air
each sunrise, sunset
casts a glow
of memories
not yet forgotten
an empty shell
eager to be filled,
set upon
the waters edge
searching for reverence
compromise, unyielding
as you blow away
each memory box
each day,
each night
a reminder
close your eyes,
little one
let strength in vulnerability
seek not the answers
nor the demise
but lavish in the existence
of emotion

Friday, December 11, 2009


if you wish
year after year
blowing out candles
finding that first star each night
closing your eyes
in somber silence
with all your might
blowing kisses
to seal each wish
wrapped in hope
it will
one day
come true
be the believer
may fresh wishes
wash over you
falling upon
persistant dreams

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leave a Message at the Beep

thank you for calling
i'm sorry i missed your call
perhaps, once i am buried
i shall return
to avail
the remembrance of
'once was'
'could have beens'
until that moment
i wish you
to forget me not
restless nights
forsaken days
fulfilled with empty calories
binging on lost oppurtunities
lost words
never spoken
never forgotten
longing for the embrace
not easily replaced
an appreciation never mustered
boils up to fester
yet reaching out
you get this voicemail
best of luck to you
i know i've always been a dreamer
but, please do
leave a message at the beep...

Thursday, December 3, 2009


blowing madness
to and fro
captivating mind
in self awareness
as you amble through
crazy is
as crazy
facsinated there
in self-play dough
shape and form
disfigured beings
to skip amongst
common crazy
for it is not i
but universally

Monday, November 30, 2009

Desperate Love

she's off again
plunging head first
into the walls of a mans heart
repeatedly beating
down the doors
of despair
lonely cries emerged
in the arms of a stranger
this moment
this night
when the conscience goes quiet
insecurities hide
all is motionless
in the darkness lie
two hearts fluttering
racing against time
into the never-ending night
validating desperate love
clinging there
resonating hope
two passionate hearts

Friday, November 20, 2009

Listening Gem

I told you,
I have nothing to give,
but myself
I wanted to hope you were not listening
my words went unheard
lying in wait
a precious stone
it was forseen
one day a curious soul
should stumble across
this abode
gleaming there
a sparkling gem
hues of blue and green
hidden beneath the darkness
in life
bound to be picked up
twirled within the fingertips
of appreciation
You knew it would happen
You fortold the light
I was not listening
as our time
passed us by
 love shared
unable to sustain
not listening.
when curiousity
rubs the soul clean
shining through the
pearlish light
as it naturally must be
You knew it would happen
an opal of oppurtunity
I just was not listening
perhaps you planted the seed
to lie in wait
as our time passed us by
I told you once.
I wish you would have listened.
I wish I did not.
turned now to a ruby
in the heart
a diamond in the eye
of another
I cherish
what never was
never could be
in the darkness
gleefully listening

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding the Strength

can I find it behind the rock?
is it lurking inside the cabinet?
maybe across the sea,
on some pleasant retreat?

the courage, I seek
to stay strong in this moment
of weakness

avoid filling the void
as it is irreplaceable
seeking out what is not
manifesting desire
where otherwise is none

flooded eyes and foggy brain
an emotional turmoil bursting inside
don’t hide the anguish
let it be heard, let it be seen

this storm that has risen
doubt and anguish
ever confusing
pulling you this way and that
finding the strength to remember
there is reasoning, meaning
behind all else otherwise
deemed demeaning

loves gained, loves lost
hopes inspired, hopes deminishing
confidence rising, undermining overwhelming
titter tatter, the life scope goes
escape, if you must,
but what shadows must go?
which will follow, should your escape
be in vain?

in search of the sanity
of which you have never
really gained

Maybe I can find it
out there on some pleasant
See you in a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lady of the Pond

if i may
swine dive off the tip top
of the old pine tree
deep into the murky, cold
pond below
gliding along freely
in dark blue midnight cool air
water gliding through
nude limbs
becoming one
water and body
mind and soul
floating in the center
gazing amongst the star lit sky
breasts open to the lightening
cool breeze, mist ensued
across damp vulnerability
exposed, hidden
as one
allow me to sink
deep into your quiet darkness
to spread wings
breaking the depths fo the waters edge
lady of the pond

Friday, October 30, 2009


i'm sorry if i push you away
i'm sorry if i say the wrong things
perceived as being hurtful
i'm sorry if i can not reciprocate
your thoughtful words, actions
in a conventional way
i'm sorry if i have not let my
past love lay buried,
as your eager eyes long
to call me yours
i'm sorry if my old habits are hard to break
as independence and solitude
blanket my existence and compromise nonexistent
i'm sorry i am so stubborn and resistant
i'm sorry if i am not all that you had hoped
i could be for you, today
i'm sorry that i tell you to stop apologizing
for who you are and stand before you with
i'm sorry
as i require time to register and believe
what i feel is true,
untainted by your own emotions
i'm sorry if my cynicism burdens you
and i can not resonate your love
if you can be patient,
if you can give me time
i'm sorry will turn to
i love you
or you can just rip the band aid
from my wounded heart
and go
i'm sorry.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Bones

Crick Crack
old the bones go
into sorrowful pity
life remains
long after all has ceased
terminally contented
in moments of
abiding the day
with haunted memories
grey as the cobble stones
of the complicated, unyielding mind
worn the hands
of which long ago
golden strings
into a protective veil
unable to behold
the nest of aniomosity
humming its lullaby
Crick Crack
old the bones go
to this moment
in sorrow
an old senile woman

Friday, October 16, 2009


you were in my dreams
but then i awoke

you knew,
even there,
in my subconscious
our time would go too quickly
time of which we never had
in our togetherness
the power
in the name of love
at times mercy
it would never be
tick tock
my heart thumps

so quickly...
forever ends

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lone Angel

she sits alone
the world outside
straight from her lifeless body
an angel of sorts
to touch the lives of others
moving on
without a tear to shed
just the fond memories
of the girl who once was

passing through
passing by
not one to stay
through all the times
fondness in their minds
that is what she preys
they only think good of her
as she walks away

today she sits alone

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loves replacement

I stand over the counter
munching on crackers and hummus
contemplating Loves existence, awaiting the call
from Loves replacement

nah, Love is not mine
Love claims its independence
and spats in the face of any
who requests too much attention

the world meant to cater
to Loves time clock
Loves watch Loves needs
all these years have taught me so

nay, Love is not mine
Love is on its own
as I wipe the crumbs into the sink
running hand in hand out the door

with Loves replacement.


Like a dream
showing up to class naked
you run out the door
Disoriented and hungry
for composure
Hoping no one will notice
the pillow crease
running down your cheek
you breeze through the entryway
Greeted with
'We were worried about you'
'I'm sorry', you reply
Resuming the position
of catch up all day
and into the night
you can't help but wonder
if they are thinking
Man, must be nice to sleep late

Monday, October 5, 2009


Sometimes I am
an extremist...
in the bliss of life
Sometimes I am
an extremist...
over and over

Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Expectation

Everything as it should be
she has grown
athletic, intellectual, spiritual
right on course,
she excelled in her education
followed with love bound dreams
her father proudly walked her down the isle
as he handed her off
to her hearts' sweet
they danced through the night
into their future
building the foundation
of a fairytale lifetime
biological clock ticking
reproductive syndrome
they bare three angelic ones
pronounced titles filled
daughter, wife, lover, mother

she lives as expected
they get what they long for
as time runs out
she aches for silence
quiet halls
a moment, too short
to reflect self
without the needs and distractions
of the loved ones of which she
yearns to please
caged by her freedoms
remembering past times
of dreams yet to come
dreams seldom forgotten
yet perceived as just an imagery
out of proportion
as time slips by

she bends
dropping to her knees
lying kisses on the eyelids
of the seeds from her womb
she weeps
closing the door softly
behind her
she wishes them better
one final good night

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off Kilter

the sun rises from the south
sets in the north
rivers run upstream
back into the lakes and mountains
rain drifts upward
into a cloudless sky
heat floods the existence
when night becomes day

the world becomes a place
where animals roam freely
undisturbed by mankind
flowers and trees no longer bloom
wilting back into themselves
imploding down into the earth
nothing is as it was

as everything seems off today

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Tired

I am just
I am tired
weakness consuming
I want to love you
I want to give you my all
I open the doors
inviting you in
to take hold of the woman
I was
I am
I will be
for me, in return
to love you unconditionally
I do
I am just
I am tired
of opening my heart
I am just
I am tired

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn Rising

Kissing the nectars of succulent summer
Replaced with
Crisp, Cool Nights
sun beaming through branches bare
Autumn rising
Pumpkin delight
Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin quiche
Figs with sweet honey
Nuts galore
Collard Greens
Leeks and
Soup, let it shine!
Butternut Squash
Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper
Red Plush Wine devine
Cranberries and Yams
Sweet Potatoes too!
Apples consuming
Fugi, Cortland, Gala, Red Delicious
Embracing the warmth
Lurking behind the comforting door
of warm Cinnamon Apple Pie baking
Cider in sight
Fall Colors Alight!

Friday, September 18, 2009


desire to love, be loved
hold tight the encompassing
moon of fate
lying nude under beckoning angst
raptured in comforting arms
holding tight
lovers abode
shadows weep window trace
coolness drifting along
heated bodies embraced
sleep easy rest
Dreaming haze
passionate, forsaken
rising sun, transfixed light
she turns to the lover
not of hearts' pine
eyes closed
lovers entwine
mourning kiss of dew

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It is I

Maybe it is I
who cares too much
who loves too deeply
who knows no boundaries
who is too passionate
who can not hold her tongue
who gives too freely
who holds back too much
who speed rails through life
who is careless with her heart
who seeks love time and again
who pushes it away
who finds it in the crease of each smile
who forgives too often
who can save herself
who already has
maybe it is I

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day Light

it was day light
the sun shone bright
in the cool autumn air
you looked at me
tilting your head, observing
you said
you look wonderful today
the blue of your shirt
capturing the intensity of your eyes
you look vibrant and happy

it was later that i realized
you had never seen me
in the day light

Friday, September 11, 2009

At Once

At once,
her hair was long shiny golden locks
At once,
her eyes were big blue ambiguous diamonds
At once,
her body long lean flexible agile
At once,
her frame curvaceous sensual seductive
At once,
her skin flawless pale pink dimpled
At once,
her lips pouty plush inviting
At once,
she danced gracefully in circles of delight
under the moonlit starry nights
At once,
her voice was intense pure finely tuned
to the key stroke of the piano
At once,
she stole the heart of every man
with the whisk of her grin twirl of her finger
At once,
she was a dreamer
At once,
her dreams all came true
At once,
was a long time ago...

I'm here, my friend

Place it here, this angst, this pain
hidden beneath you
you carry the spite
of wrongful gain
place it here,
within me,
to hold the burden
of which has stolen your light
taking it in, myself
to buckle down
under chains intertwined,
in the tormented minds
of the unfaithful
bare it down
pass it along
place your heavy heart
on the ground stone
of our friendship
entrust in me,
to nurture this bereavement
absorbing it, I vow
to sooth it smooth
into silken cashmere
of which I will tuck you in
under softness

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Smiles Spreading

Smile spread
Smile contagious
be It
bent and crooked
wide and bright
It spreads to me
seeping through you
in the light of day
dark of night
Smile wide
to a friend
a stranger
right or wrong
may the Smile spread
one by one

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Still My Heart

quiet stillness rests in my heart
the thumpty thump
ribcages rest
Love-abound riveted past
heart a flutter, butterfly beauty
wing span spread
with ease and grace
opening your palm,
blowing wishes in the evening breeze
releasing gently
to pitter patter on my new found
whisked within
serene surrender obliged
my heart hushed

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fulfilling Salt

The salt of my tears
Season the frozen dinner I eat tonight
You said you would call
You said, we would meet at 8:30
I sent you a message at 8:45
Receiving no reply
By 9:20, I was hungry
You never fail at being deceiving
I have grown to find my tears
Much more fulfilling
and alway reliable.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry

I try every day

Guiding my head to overtake my heart

Pulling on the heart strings

This way and That

The balancing act of a life time

Redirecting the attachment

In an upstream motion

Even my head, be of a trickery at times

Telling me it is okay

Validating invalid actions

Allowing my heart to be free

I tell myself over

No, this can not be

I am sorry

I am trying


Sometimes my heart

Overturns my head

Sometimes my head deceives me

I seek for the strength day after day

And, still, I can't help but

Love you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have it

I have it
cupping it in my delicate fingers
grasping its aromas
fulfilling my inner need
of want and desire
placing it down for one moment
wanting it
wondering, do i have enough
am i prepared to go without
did i plan accordingly
for the time when it runs out
will i be left longing
wanting more
for this moment, i have it
pondering the moment when
i will no longer
do i consume it
or does it consume me

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Relating Evolution

as the oceans are calm
lit by the effervescent lighting of the sun
rising and falling
creating the backdrop of a serene
moment in time
where on-lookers stop for a moment
to appreciate this passing
of which will never be the same

they look toward
the happy couple
with beauty and grace of which
bodies aligned naturally
in tune with one another
easing closer
with a comfortable silence

look beneath the surface of that same ocean
the habitats striving to exist
pollutants of the world around
adding pressure to survive against
against rivals and food chains
a once smooth surface
hidden within
the whirl tide of existence
that shall prosper
recreating its evolution
so much more to be seen
to survive, below the surface

the happy couple
publicly pronounced as 'perfect'
innately surrendering to compromise
in a world where competitive boundaries
lay no more
battling the storms of rough tides
and bigger fish
they struggle to exist
as one
calm on the outside
with a whirl wind of life
recreating self to accommodate
bound with strength and confidence
in their imperfections

so, they too, sit with the public eye
observing the beauty of God's light
and know,
there is so much more below the surface
it is the understanding of acceptance
that makes it perfect
that makes it surreal
that makes it ever changing
giving life the strength to exist
in the beauty of this night
where on-lookers pause
in reflection
of evolution

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Note to self: Loves Destination

If being loved were a destination,
then I would buy a ticket

An exotic foreign land to me
To be fully appreciated,
for who I am
flaws and strengths combined as one
to create the perfect human being to another
To be so fortunate to find the complemental one
of whom to share this life

If there were only a simple way to make things happen
Taking a trip straight into the arms of another
to save all the turmoil and avoid all the agony,
of mishaps and bad decisions along the way
maybe then I could find that sustainable relationship

Choosing men who are unattainable
Making that choice, because I choose me,
to love myself
with a shell of protection around
my mental storm
I am scarred, but if I were not,
I would love to be loved wholly by another
No games to be played, or convenient ways,
just pure and simple love

So many souls stand alone;
they stand alone-together-because it is safe
Safe knowing what to expect,
because you are in control,
of your emotions, your mind,
your money, your matters
When you love yourself,
how can you possible trust another
With the most valuable and precious thing you have?
Or so I tell myself, a sheet of comfort.

Some say this desire is attainable
This life of love happens everyday
Just check your baggage at the gate
and let love find its way
But I have lost my faith
Faith in the good of people

To be loved full heartily,
if it were a destination,
I would surely buy the ticket

one way, no return.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2:00 am

It is 2:00 am,
the night owl perches his broken wing
upon my window sill
Big, hollow eyes peeking in
Blinking morse code
‘let me in, let me in,
I can fly no longer’

It is 2:00 am,
I am the night owl,
perched with a lonely heart
upon the edge of my bed
Big, empty eyes peeking out into the darkness
Blinking morse code
‘let me out, let me out,
I can hide no longer’

It is 2:00 am,
they look towards one another
to find the meaning
in this chance encounter
Both broken, both yearning
One seeking shelter
One longing for flight
It is here at 2:00 am
They find their answers

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beginning of the End

God opens the door,
"Hey, girl, what took you so long?"
I look into her bemused eyes,
grinning and shaking my head, I say,
"Oh, Lord, you have really screwed it up this time"
She chuckles, wraps her arm around my shoulder,
guiding me in,
"Come and sit, tell me all about it"

With lattes and biscottis, we sit cross legged in the garden
and I begin....

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Do you know the feeling?

you are looking, searching
high and low
for that important key
of which you can not leave
retracing your steps of when
you last held it
used it
the key to get in
the key to escape
where has it gone?
without it you could not be here
perhaps you are meant to stay...

Friday, August 7, 2009


I refuse to stand around and wait
For you to wake up
To fully appreciate the love,
that I am
I refuse to be patient,
any longer
You Say You Love Me
show me
with actions
Not Words
show me you care
Not with Kissessss
but motives
Not with excuses
but Involvement
At once I was complacent,
No longer
I, now, am Me
as I once I was...
without thee.
Stop talking.
Show me,
let it be.
What it is
I am alone.

Monday, August 3, 2009


"Cross My Heart
I wish I could Smell
The Tears in Your Eyes
Bring Me Close
Bring Me Into Your Heart"
he whispers...
she looks
through him
past him
to find love

Friday, July 31, 2009

Passing of Time

Lingering the day
Hidden behind closed doors
Locked out from the bitterness
Of a cruel, bent world
Round they say it is
Circling the encompassing warmth
Growth from within
It spurts new branches
Trees of life
Unorganically known
Spreading through the valleys
To the depths of the ocean
Shadows of the present
Succumb to adventures
Meaning is lost
Indifference rendered
Walk forth among the commonality
Safely tucked in knowledge
That this too shall pass
Creating new fondness
Ridges in the crease
With each door that opens
Another shall cease

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day
I thought I would be with you
In this sea of love, captivating
You were everything I should not have
Strong and distant, mentally unstable, as I
The bond between us of a unique kind
Your lips to mine, in the street,
Stirring heartfelt emotions fathomed
Uncontrolled, consistent smile as I walk away,
You stayed with me, long after we were parted
There in my mind, my heart and emotions
Excitement built, where repetition lay
The constant of my daily existence
Love abound, so deeply felt
Hard to remember each moment may be our last
I would have held you longer,
Should I have known?
I would be holding you now
As I would not have let go
Alas, the future was untold
And opportunity has passed,
The strings no longer pulling me back
Stubbornness streak has set in
Choosing to let love stand
In the memory box, tucked away in my heart
Comparable you will be for the present
Each new person, shall have great expectations to meet
Unfairly you have set the standards high
And I remind myself daily, that our time has gone by
The void I must fill, it is only temporary
Each day will be easier, each moment more tolerable
Soon I will laugh; soon you will be a distant memory
In place of the constant void of this unscripted life
I miss you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The water runs
I fear to step in
To wash away
The touch of your lingering desire
Forever unbathed
To keep you with me
And once I have been cleansed
And you have been drained
Far away
I beg you return,
To once again shower me
With your kisses
To remain with me
Time and again

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blank Pages

Blank is the sheet in front of you
Blank is the mind of which
To place thought into motion
Filling the lines
With nonsensical verbiage
To be moved forward
With unpredictable autism
The need to fill space
To fill mind, body and soul
To fill pages
With the timeline of life
Inevitably to be nonexistent
Those words, those memories
Dissipate along with you
Blank pages replaced
Blank pages continued
By the ones who precede you,
Succeed you
May the words never fail
May the blank pages unfold

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blissfully Unaware

Deep in the shadows
The cracks
and holes
Lies the secrets
Of every sorrowful

Enclosed by mothers blessings
You are oblivious
To your surroundings
The darkness leering at your feet
Head turned up
To the cloudless sky

Watching the wonders
Of the world going by
Distant and obscure
To the significance of
The cockroaches scurry
Baring no armes
Unprotected by faith alone

Life grasps the opportunity
To swoon you in it arms
Guided along
Through the flower fields
And mountain top views
Blissfully fulfilled
In moments of destruction
Where your smile stands
The shadows exist among you

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lioness and Her King

She mounts the King
A ravishing Lioness
Strong, and beautiful
She secures him down
Beneath her
To claim her King
And all his worldly kingdoms
Dominating the hierarchy
He be-comes within her
Losing himself
For one moment in time
They forget all transgressions
For one moment,
They simultaneously feel,
They, too, can be tamed

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mockery of Love

You are mine, he says with giddy delight.

She replies, but that can not be! You see that woman, the one by your side from the years of time past? She claims stake of your heart, rumor has it she says it is hers!

Mistaken you are! I am a free and single man. No one marks my fate, but I!

But if you call me yours, and I call you mine, you would not be free, alas, I would suppose to capture your heart and your eyes to see none other but my own! What then, would you not be in despair, no longer free to venture?

Ah, yes! This women of whom you previously spoke, she has made the same inclination! Many times over, moon, sun and earth, no sense does it make! For what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine. I give no keep sake!

Well, then, I really must be going, as I know this dreary road! Thank you for your lesson, I think there has been a terrible mistake…

Don’t go! How heartless of you! To just walk away, after I profess my love, after so much time! No shame, have you woman? I said! I love you! You are mine! Is it possible you are that cold?

Me? I am cold? No, I dare say, not! I am love, pure and good, intentions only of sweet. But I claim one man, and he must in return claim only one woman-me!

Oh! Well, you are mistaken, as I claim only one! There is only you and me!

But what of the other(s)? Are they now gone?

Oh, yes! They are my present history, you, my dear lady are my future! The universe has aligned and brought us together! Mark my word I am the best at all that I do, and loving you will be among them!

Well, what flattery you bring, kind sir! However, I will require time, your time and attention, not gifts and adornments in the secret of night…. What say you to that?

How dare you profess that I commit so much! You ask me to guide you in the streets for all to see, parading you around as an ornament to my single life! I can not have this, and you must accept this!

Ah, but I can not; I must be going, to find a new path. The universe has misled us and our paths should not have crossed, I fear the universe cruel to have guided me to you, leaving me in self-doubt, as thus far I have believed your lies…

There are no errors in the skies! The Gods have brought you to me, and we shall be together! And spare me tales of lies spoken, I merely tell you what you like! It is for you in mind, to protect you!

And what say her, the one who claims your heart? Does she know you love another?

Well, she is a constant and will always be there, you must understand!? She will be the one to walk by my side, and you will be the one to comfort me. She need not know, I would not want to hurt her!

Oh! How daring you are! The audacity to assume this is acceptable! The delight of which you find in the trivial pursuit of your own selfish gain! I believe you to be ill!

Ah, but I am man. I am success. I get what I want, when I say. Come now, let’s go, hold me for a bit, then leave me to my own devices and return to me in three days time.

That’s it then? I just accept this small portion of which you offer? I am obliged to be obedient and nurturing to your needs, and place my own aside?

Ah, my love, you understand now! How great it is to know that you are not as ignorant as at once I thought! Come now, lets go, this talking is so tiresome, come and hold me dear love, time is running short.

May I make one request, one that you must honor?

So long as no engagements, weddings, or announcements are made, I will grant you one!
That is how much I love you!

I must hear from her, this other woman, and her blessings of our being together. Have her call me, and once she does, if all is well, I will come to you straight away. If you have been deceiving, well then, it was good knowing you, kind sir.


Anxious for the return of love.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happiness of Another

He will call
In a while
He loves you
Good woman
You are
Lover of the
Of the defeated

For happiness
Of another

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunck Thunck

Thunck thunck
Heels beat the cement
Walking forward
Observing eyes
Shaded rims
Watching nothing
Seeing everything
Life surfaces from within
Forward movement
Thunck thunck

Monday, June 1, 2009

Succulent Summer

Oh, how I love the wonders of Summer!

Mango, Pineapple,
Tomato, Tomato, Tomato
For Salad, For Soup
Heirloom, Cherry and Grape

Fresh Basil, Watermelon
And Dry, Crisp Wine
Bubblies with fresh Oranges
Avocados, Chanterelles
Sweet Peas
Meyer Lemon
Oh My!

Rhubarb and Corn
Plump Blueberries
And Peaches

The rainbow aligns
Sweet nectar teasing
As the pot of gold,
Buds of my Desire
Summer consuming,
Vitamin D delight!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


They walk hand in hand
As if being with each other
Is not enough
They reveal their
Their togetherness
For the world to see
In the embrace
Of fingers entwined
Shoulder to shoulder
In sync
Strolling down the street
Gazing up at tall buildings
Flowers and trees
Stopping to ponder the window shop
As one
Smiling with glee
She places her head on his shoulder
He wraps his arm around her
Gently drawing her closer
I observe from afar
The love of two figures
Simplistic gestures
For all to see
For me to witness
This intimate moment
Is that how love is supposed to be?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meet You in My Dreams

I sleep
But would not know it
Minds activity
reality into a new format
You ravish the insights
of my subconscious

Meeting me there
in a dreamy haze
You smile
Blowing kisses into
my golden hair
Soft petals in the breeze
brushing against our cheeks
Whirlwind of delight
sweeping us off our feet
We drift on silver rimmed clouds
through enchanted kingdoms
Embracing each other
for the dance
of our hearts flutter
we become one
Man and Woman

Soundly sleeping,
I reach for your hand

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Strong, independent woman
She walks with herself
on the tightrope of life
Cautious of
the conformity within
Etching her way
to create her own
Stubbornly consoled
in the ease of a solitary being
She vows to take the struggles alone
Frustrations jump to greet her
staring her down
facing these new challenges
She is told she needs someone with her
Fear awakens within her soul
Too tenacious to ask
for the help of another
Her biggest fault
To the untrained eye
Her pride
Substance of life
holding no threat to the mind’s
The biggest battle
coming from within
It will meet her in the end
as the greatest challenge
To succeed
Her pride must never win

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love's Battle

She seeks for love
He seeks to retain it
She searches for more
He feels secure with what is
She is unfulfilled
He is content in their ways
She doubts her decision, to be with him
He is confident they are meant to be
She sees the truth for what it is
He is blind to her unsettlement
She speaks
He does not hear
She opens her heart
He holds it all in
She reaches for a man
He withdraws within