Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm here, my friend

Place it here, this angst, this pain
hidden beneath you
you carry the spite
of wrongful gain
place it here,
within me,
to hold the burden
of which has stolen your light
taking it in, myself
to buckle down
under chains intertwined,
in the tormented minds
of the unfaithful
bare it down
pass it along
place your heavy heart
on the ground stone
of our friendship
entrust in me,
to nurture this bereavement
absorbing it, I vow
to sooth it smooth
into silken cashmere
of which I will tuck you in
under softness


  1. now you are a special kind of friend... lovely thoughts here, absolutely lovely.

  2. Wonderful. hugs to you, so wonderful a friend

  3. wow! you are such a good friend! i hope i can have one just like you..

  4. wonderfully written as always ...

  5. Awesome! I love the picture too, by the way. :)

  6. As much as we want to be that friend...we want one also, a friend who will fill all the cracks of our broken and tortured moments.

    "I hate to see your injury, wish that you could transfer all your pain to me..."

    Wishing doesn't make it so, but isn't the fact that I want to, a comfort of sorts...that I would if I could?

  7. You are such an amazing poetess kay! wow.. it was so wonderfully written...

  8. beautiful. friends, those special ones, make all the difference in the world.

  9. How do you do it? No, i dont need to know, just keep doing it,, :)

  10. The best friends are those who prove that you can ask them to do anything for you.

  11. Kay, what a special friend you describe...and I know you are a friend just like the one you describe. Beautiful picture too.

    Isn't it neat when we have people in our lives like that!

    This is really special...I think your work is really coming from somewhere deep inside you and it shows....simply beautiful!

    Thank you, Kay!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  12. I want a friend just like you, in fact we all deserve a friend as you have described in your wonderful poem.....I pray you have that special friend in your life......:-) Hugs

  13. this is wonderful, you are very free flowing with both your words and your kindness.

  14. you 'compose' your words in such a beautiful way.

  15. I always pop by first thing in the morning, just before I leave for work ... I know that I will read your post and leave for work with a smile :0)

  16. That reminds me of my sister...she's kind of rotten..did I type that out loud..

  17. :)

    I cant say anything more than :). I hope you drop by my blog too, sometime :).

  18. Beautiful! Everyone should have a friend like that.

  19. This is my greatest dream to meet such friend. Thank you so much...

  20. Kay,
    Most beautiful words about friendship I've ever read! And feelings between words say even more. Don't we all wish for a friendship like this...

  21. We do need these friends, don't we? A reminder that I should pay some attention to mine when I least need her, as well.

  22. I am not a people's person (I much prefere dogs! I do not lie)but sometimes, just sometimes people (especially friends) are needed to ease a pain only true friends know how. Loving your words, you.

  23. This brought tears to my eyes, I lost a good friend just like this when I had to move, she broke my heart as she was not the true friend I thought.. since then I have found a few that I can trust and share anything with, one is a sister, the other is a friend I call her sissy, the other is someone I love dearly

    I would love to be this friend with you.


  24. What a dear friend you are. The women in your life must feel so lucky.