Monday, November 30, 2009

Desperate Love

she's off again
plunging head first
into the walls of a mans heart
repeatedly beating
down the doors
of despair
lonely cries emerged
in the arms of a stranger
this moment
this night
when the conscience goes quiet
insecurities hide
all is motionless
in the darkness lie
two hearts fluttering
racing against time
into the never-ending night
validating desperate love
clinging there
resonating hope
two passionate hearts

Friday, November 20, 2009

Listening Gem

I told you,
I have nothing to give,
but myself
I wanted to hope you were not listening
my words went unheard
lying in wait
a precious stone
it was forseen
one day a curious soul
should stumble across
this abode
gleaming there
a sparkling gem
hues of blue and green
hidden beneath the darkness
in life
bound to be picked up
twirled within the fingertips
of appreciation
You knew it would happen
You fortold the light
I was not listening
as our time
passed us by
 love shared
unable to sustain
not listening.
when curiousity
rubs the soul clean
shining through the
pearlish light
as it naturally must be
You knew it would happen
an opal of oppurtunity
I just was not listening
perhaps you planted the seed
to lie in wait
as our time passed us by
I told you once.
I wish you would have listened.
I wish I did not.
turned now to a ruby
in the heart
a diamond in the eye
of another
I cherish
what never was
never could be
in the darkness
gleefully listening

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding the Strength

can I find it behind the rock?
is it lurking inside the cabinet?
maybe across the sea,
on some pleasant retreat?

the courage, I seek
to stay strong in this moment
of weakness

avoid filling the void
as it is irreplaceable
seeking out what is not
manifesting desire
where otherwise is none

flooded eyes and foggy brain
an emotional turmoil bursting inside
don’t hide the anguish
let it be heard, let it be seen

this storm that has risen
doubt and anguish
ever confusing
pulling you this way and that
finding the strength to remember
there is reasoning, meaning
behind all else otherwise
deemed demeaning

loves gained, loves lost
hopes inspired, hopes deminishing
confidence rising, undermining overwhelming
titter tatter, the life scope goes
escape, if you must,
but what shadows must go?
which will follow, should your escape
be in vain?

in search of the sanity
of which you have never
really gained

Maybe I can find it
out there on some pleasant
See you in a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lady of the Pond

if i may
swine dive off the tip top
of the old pine tree
deep into the murky, cold
pond below
gliding along freely
in dark blue midnight cool air
water gliding through
nude limbs
becoming one
water and body
mind and soul
floating in the center
gazing amongst the star lit sky
breasts open to the lightening
cool breeze, mist ensued
across damp vulnerability
exposed, hidden
as one
allow me to sink
deep into your quiet darkness
to spread wings
breaking the depths fo the waters edge
lady of the pond