Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding the Strength

can I find it behind the rock?
is it lurking inside the cabinet?
maybe across the sea,
on some pleasant retreat?

the courage, I seek
to stay strong in this moment
of weakness

avoid filling the void
as it is irreplaceable
seeking out what is not
manifesting desire
where otherwise is none

flooded eyes and foggy brain
an emotional turmoil bursting inside
don’t hide the anguish
let it be heard, let it be seen

this storm that has risen
doubt and anguish
ever confusing
pulling you this way and that
finding the strength to remember
there is reasoning, meaning
behind all else otherwise
deemed demeaning

loves gained, loves lost
hopes inspired, hopes deminishing
confidence rising, undermining overwhelming
titter tatter, the life scope goes
escape, if you must,
but what shadows must go?
which will follow, should your escape
be in vain?

in search of the sanity
of which you have never
really gained

Maybe I can find it
out there on some pleasant
See you in a couple of weeks!


  1. You'll be missed. see you when you return. your words brought a tear to my eye this evening :)

  2. Courage is a fleeting thing isn't it? It dips out of the way just when you feel like you need it the most. Perhaps that's part of its charm. Its hide and seek attitude forces the seeker to step out into the wildness of discomfort where personal growth resides.
    Come back soon!!!

  3. i hope you find everything you're looking for. and a little bit more...

  4. Really beautiful words skillfully weaved as always x

  5. travel light...and may you find what you seek...

  6. make a circle... end back here,

  7. Personally, I've always found such answers lie within myself, not in another place...

  8. Oddly calming!

    Best of Luck fr the retreat....tc! :)

  9. If you find such, please tell me where I can find such too and may you come back with batteries recharged.

  10. Blessings and Have fun. WOW on this one, made me choke..
    I hope you find peace and everything you hope for PLUS MORE!!

    Be safe and we await your return


  11. above everything else
    dare to fall in love
    your words are love to me
    but we can part for all of spring break
    tis your return that'll bring me glee

  12. There isn't anything to find. Just have to determine when to deal with it, or not.

  13. flooded eyes and foggy brain
    an emotional turmoil bursting inside.

    deep n emo. enjoy ur hollz. :)

  14. When you finish your retreat lets go and sip a cup of tea....;-)
    Kay do you have an e-mail?

  15. Kay, I love your questions here (and how you ask them) and look forward to your answers. We're all of us Seekers and I think that's good. To be perfectly satisfied is to rot and mildew. And, for the record, I think sanity is highly over-rated. LOL! Wishing you peace, love and blessings, dear friend...

  16. Thanks for the visit Kay. Your poetry is heartfelt! Nice to come across people that are so profound in their writing.

  17. Maybe the courage is found in others? Or in time away? Enjoy the retreat.

  18. Lovely words...what raw emotions. Inherent in this piece is the desire to find strength to carry on in this life. I do hope you enjoy your vacation. Best wishes to you : )

  19. Kay,
    Great reflections! Don't we all find ourselves searching for reasons... The best answers are within, but finding a good retreat does help putting the mind in the right gear. It's like stepping back to see the big picture. May you find yours, take care,

  20. Damn, can you write!

    Wherever you're going, safe travel. Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side.

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  22. beautiful. I keep you dear and close to my heart, hoping that this journey of yours brings you closer to where you want to be.

  23. Life is a series of hills and valleys.
    We come down into the valley to find what we need.
    Sometimes we have to crawl out of the valley before we can get to the top of the next hill to be back on top of the world before we plunge into the next valley

  24. Kay, have a wonderful break. I know you will find what you are looking for.
    Love to You!
    Kelly :)

  25. Great!
    Excellent stuff..
    loved the way you knitted those words..

  26. Sanity is overrated. Don't waste your time in the search. Beautifully written and I feel you, trying to stay strong in the moment. Exhausting. Yes, I feel a retreat coming on...

  27. Dear kay
    Hope you fnd all you are seeking and hope you return with a peaceful heart.
    Come back soon ...

    joy and blessings to you, always!


  28. Rollercoaster ...

    That's what I thought about when I read your poem 'Finding the Strength'- the ups and downs of life all brought together in one tiny capsule and swallowed would feel like a trip on the rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


  29. That's quite an exit soliloquy!
    I wish you well for this journey.
    Hugs to you Kay,.

  30. Poems like yours are a wonderful means of expressing all feelings so that they don't accumulate and fester in the shadows. But in order to start over, we do indeed have to revist the shadows with courage to release that which has been ignored since its conception. Once emptied we can fill ourselves up with an awareness of processing and respecting all that is received in the moment through Inspiration.

  31. This is my first visit, but I'm very impressed with your blog. I have a blog myself that provides inspiration and guidance to millions of people around the world. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange to spread some traffic around. Let me know if this is cool.


  32. I hope that you find it on that pleasant retreat of yours.. !!

  33. Kay,

    This piece really touched my heart... I'm sure you will be missed. Be safe and have a peaceful time ahead!

  34. Envelopping you, holding you, rocking you, anointing you,watching over you,containing you......waiting for you with a ship load of affections, warmth and prayers. While you journey through your being.

  35. strength a feeling that keeps your thoughts steady even in the darkest of times and as you have mentioned when your life and the emotions are being pulled from both the sides and when the emotions takes over your mind and blinds you in your decision making.strength can only be found within you.really well written poem especially the lines,
    "but what shadows must go?
    which will follow, should your escape
    be in vain?"
    there is no running away from the difficult parts as they follow you,they are a part of you,connected to you like a shadow!!loved your poem and keep writing!!

  36. i wish i discovered your words sooner...