Monday, December 27, 2010

Surgeon Generals Warning

i roll it up,
to smoke it,
the fragments
of our broken hearts,
collected over time
with ignited fire
i spark the tip
inhaling all of our
within my lungs
we linger there
until i must
fumes of unanswered promises
wafting out of longing lips
left in disrepair,
the stench
of heavenly-ever-after
dissipating in the air
puff after puff,
ashes blown, deception released
to the unforgiving breeze
it’s the memories best forgotten,
when i stub out our butt
to our final

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Rules

if you want to be heard,
then your gonna have to listen

if you want to be seen,
then you’ll have to become the observer

if you want to be loved,
then you’ll have to love (back)

if you want to be it,
you have to know it…
inside and out

if you want to shine,
then you’re gonna have to polish

if you want to succeed,
you’ll just have to learn
it aint always so easy

it takes patience, sacrifice,
diligence, tears and pain…

but if you really want to,
i believe you will achieve


Monday, December 20, 2010


my heart sinks
as the sink fills
with 8 wine glasses
6 coffee mugs
2 knives

and I’m still…

sitting with cup in hand
wafting away the smoke
engulfed in unbecoming

without you
my sink fills
as my heart sinks

and I’m still…

without you.