Monday, December 27, 2010

Surgeon Generals Warning

i roll it up,
to smoke it,
the fragments
of our broken hearts,
collected over time
with ignited fire
i spark the tip
inhaling all of our
within my lungs
we linger there
until i must
fumes of unanswered promises
wafting out of longing lips
left in disrepair,
the stench
of heavenly-ever-after
dissipating in the air
puff after puff,
ashes blown, deception released
to the unforgiving breeze
it’s the memories best forgotten,
when i stub out our butt
to our final


  1. nice... but now I need a drag

  2. Just learned that my sister and her husband are divorcing after many years together. Your excellent poem describes emotions much like she told me in her email. Now, the crazy years begin for her...they always do after a split like that.

  3. metaphorical....wonderfully envisioned...relationships, der memories and the much undesired aftermath...the soul continues to be charred until all that is left is ashes and smoke...

    luvd it! tc! :)

  4. oh kay, you've touched my heart...

  5. i think this was just what i was looking for... i need to share it, yes i do!!

    great stuff as always!

  6. toght write kay...yeaj i feel this one

  7. So...was this metaphor mentholated?

  8. ah, memories...they are the difficult part.

  9. Amazing imagery, Kay. I could see the smoke wafting in the stale air. You're amazing!! Love & Blessings, my poet-friend! xoxo

  10. amazing metaphor for life sad at the same time. I know this pain, girl.

  11. I like the metaphor. I smoke an occasional cigar. It's like coffee...I don't really care much for the taste but I like the ritual and the way it makes me slow down and sit a spell. But the morning after I smoke a stogie my mouth tastes like I licked the floor of a bar. It's bad...the aftertaste. "Fumes of unanswered promises wafting out of longing lips". I wish it tasted better. So wishing.

  12. WOW
    Another great piece Kay
    Lovely piece
    life, like smoke, ashes, cremation...uffff
    I need a cig and read it again

  13. This line, "fumes of unanswered promises", and the whole poem, makes you think twice about smoking! Great poem.

    Hope you had a great Christmas. wb

  14. Smoking's bad for you; take up chewing instead! (LOL!)

    I like the metaphore - you played it well.

  15. fumes of unanswered promises
    wafting out of longing lips
    left in disrepair,

    every word touched a beat in me..WOW KAY..i love reading you!

  16. I love it. You have such a great mind. I finally posted on if you want to read it. It's more written as a metal song but you might like it. Later.

  17. Wonderfully pulled together, from warning on through. The image is great.

  18. Wow..loved the way you have used the comparison over here..
    How difficult it may sound all through but the last two lines give out the final piece of "Peace"

  19. I don't know anyone who can express feelings as you do, you are like the celebrity with one name...Cher, Oprah - I know it is them when they sing or speak the first line just as I would know which poem was yours as soon as I read all that you write!
    .....:-) Hus

  20. A compelling image that builds with every line. Very powerful.

  21. Happy New Year
    I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling

  22. Kay,
    i hope this is only a poem....but you shed light 'on all that gone up in the smoke'.

    Freeing oneself of the distastefulness.

    i don't smoke, and i guess i don't have to smoke to know what all this is about.

  23. Kay,
    i would like to wish you a very happy new year for the 2011!

    i want you to know how grateful i'm to you for many your visits, your meaningful presence, and for your friendship.

    Your words have gently placed their understanding touch during my tormented hours, and in their warmth i've found shelter.

    The year is ending and you've offered me so much!
    i just wanted to acknowlege this!

    Thanks a lot Kay!

  24. smokin' the fragments of broken hearts - wow - tough and powerful images in this one
    happy new year to you kay

  25. hmmm....see now you have me curious...flip side...hmm...

  26. Just dropped by to wish you all the best in the coming new year-Kay dear!