Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flip Side

on the flip side
it could always be worse
so I flip
and I flop
as a fish out of water
contented in knowing
it could always
be worse


  1. I live with the same attitude "could be worse"

  2. it could always be better...

    Learning to swim in tears or
    learning of breathing without water,

    the art of survival is an art of transformation.

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    sometimes I fall asleep in such a manner with similar feelings

    warm hugs and the power of faith in the New Year

  3. Seriously, it could be worse.. No matter what, it always always passes..


  4. ah...i understand...the fact that it could be worse, rarely helps me...smiles.

  5. Yea. It could be worse. You coud have an arm stickign out of your forehead. Now that would suck.

  6. could be worse, that is always a helping line.felt the words Kay.still it gets painful when this less worse is bad enough.
    big hugs to you..

  7. Its amazing how just a few words could also mean so much....beautifully crafted....loved it...

    Oh! And the pic is jst awesome! wish u a happy new yr! tc! :)

  8. As long as we can flip and flop (love that) we have a chance to go on and on- despite the adversities...

  9. such an excellent message, beautiful portrayed. thank you!

  10. I never saw how knowing it could be worse, or someone else is worse off, was supposed to be comforting. Nonetheless, I am LOVING that mermaid picture!

    Happy new year!

  11. another nice poem you've written Kay, about how life gets. If one could just get that woman out of that restrictive fin-skirt I am sure the two of them (together) could find a way to apply equal and opposite forces against each other until each of them came to their senses, three or four times

  12. A great way to start a new year... just the right attitude. We do always need to be reminded that things... even the darkest of things... are lighter on the flip side.


  13. a good one to share... always keeps a person positive and up and going..

    happy new year :)

  14. Oh, Kay, I love this flip flop. However I hope one day the mermaid will flip flop in joy and contentment.

    Wishing you a wunderbar 2011. Its unusual to know that you are just around the corner! Just down the road! Hugs, Paula xxx

  15. There is truth in that...of course. But somehow, at present, it is no comfort. I want to is great! I need the respite of that, just for awhile.


  16. It's NEVER worse though ... is it? It's a slow in a coming but it's a coming ... Happy New Year to you Kay. A great inspiration and blogging buddy. Here's to us in 2011 :)x

  17. Flip-flop, flip-flop....i do it most of the time!
    Everything has a funny side to its tragedy.
    we see that as we have moved ahead!
    So lets shake the prunes off!
    So lets buckle our seats ....and,there we go into 2011!

  18. But the fish, they wish
    To flop right back
    To meet that warm, safe water
    So they flip, and they flop
    And they twist and turn
    Hoping, it would be better...

  19. Complacency rules! (LOL!)

    Nice One Shot, Kay!

    (And kudos for trying my new 4/1 poetry form!)

  20. As long as you have the power to flop you have the power to change things, right?

  21. Survival of the fittest ..strong always prevail ...whether flip or flop.

  22. indeed... and it also could be better, in so many ways....

  23. Yes indeed, things can always be worse. Good to have that prospective from time to time :)

  24. i've flippedflopped most of my life, i think! and you are so right - it could always be worse!!! and only we can make it better! ;)

    great piece!

  25. The predicament of human life! beautiful poem, Kay.