Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Chosen One

it was not i
who chose life
it was life
whom chose me
oft times
considered mundane
yet precious the gift at hand
i unwrap it
carefully, precise
seemingly careless at times
unfolding the corners
placing together the pieces
realizing it not to be a puzzle
but a portrait
of the brightest colors
darkened shadows
a kaleidoscope of fragments
adjustable, amendable
ever changing the angle of which
i hold it
it is a gift
handed down to me
a gift
meant to share
my dutiful obligation
to respect it
with objectified care.


  1. Kay, how precious. Got all teary. Life is such magic

  2. When conceived, and ever since, we were the ONEs who succeeded among many other cells. So we should respect and take that for as long our life is determined to be...never take it for granted-so much depending on how we care about ourselves...

    this gem of poem is a great tribute to life, Kay
    Loved it

  3. just beautiful, kay - such a message to each of us - to read today and every day!!! xxx

  4. it is a precious gift and thankfully you share a bit of it with us through your words...dont like what you see just turn it a bit and...

  5. Kay dear, life is a gift and your poem brings this to light in a magical...matter of fact way. Love it. It can be taken from us so quickly...without warning so we must celebrate it.

  6. definitely... this life is indeed a wonderful, wonderful gift :)

    good one kay :)

  7. funny how a gift such as this are sometimes not seen as something special

    have a great week

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  9. This life is meant to be lived and not just surviving ..

    Excellent words used!

  10. a portrait, not a puzzle, i simply LOVE that!!!

  11. Kay, I am so happy to have found your fabulous blog again... I've been away for a while and have changed my look but happy to be following again regardless. I love your writing :)

  12. I came back to tell you who I was... and there is no place to email you!! Grrrr. I will eternally feel distracted because I cannot comment ;))

  13. Respecting life for what it is.. nice. I loved it.

  14. :)
    be the chosen one by life,
    it's a gift of awareness, emotions, joy, pain, creation

    I like to read this poem again and again.
    I feel life talk me
    - I'm glad that you see me.
    - My life, I'm glad too.

    Warm hugs Kay

  15. Life is indeed gift rather a million gifts at a time and it has it's surprise elements. All prayers answered and unanswered are life's gift. Lovely write-up Kay.