Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i wish i knew what to say,
or rather,
how to say it…
i wish these long drawn-out
were a little less one-sided

i wish it took less dramatic measures
to make a good-bye stick
to return things as they should have
always been

but, return,
could it ever?
be what we had before?
i wish i knew what that was…
was there ever a moment
when we were not an us?
it’s hard to recall

if either of us could peer
beyond the walls of forgiveness
we’d see the shattered
of our dying love unfold

fore when i find the words
we will finally know…
how deep the wounds of deceit
shall go

i wish we could have been more honest
especially with ourselves
fore if the words should never come
the truth shall still be known

regardless of the outcome,
i hope deep down you know…

i will always miss you
and what we had before