Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life is a Scavenger Hunt

is about searching
moving about
looking for
specific items
be it a place
a time
a person
a feeling
an emotion
it’s the constant hunt
with an ending goal
of happiness
a life fulfilled,
a race to the finish line
picking up memorabilia
along the way
to create a shrine
of the scavenger hunt
of a life time
all of us
out there
for the same contentedness
all of us
taking our own path
to make it
to the same places

in this race through life
we may lose ourselves
a time or two
but we all meet
at the finish line
to share the final prize
with you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Invincable Woman

I pretended nothing was wrong
knowing if I believed,
even though the marks
lay across me,
if I concealed it
none would be able to see

if I lay buried within myself
false pretenses
ringing true,
for sure the world
would not notice
the pain concealed
shining through

heavily consumed
the eyes of burden
hidden secrets untold
no one will notice
so long as I believe
it is true

as everyone shies away,
with silence on their tongue
they can not see me,
or what I have become…

lie in front of them

a woman

hidden in the shadows
of which
does not speak of

creating an
invisible woman
for all the world
to turn the other cheek on

and the bruises
they continue,
the only source
to rely on,
it is with this burden
of which I will always run with

and forever be known,
as the invincible woman

Thursday, August 5, 2010

with tender loving pooh

Pooh pooh
it’s all been had before…
Pooh pooh
it’s been said
it’s been true
on you
on me
Pooh pooh platter
for all to be
nothing unique,
nothing unseen
yet, always the
Pooh pooh
i love.
from you to me
with love,
to you from me

Pooh pooh
it's what all fine things
are made of.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dreaming of you

i dreamt of you last eve

miracles brushed us,
with the color of fall leaves
stroking, creating
harmonious beings
folded together
it was you embracing me
transpiring wishes
floating through air,
heavens’ god hushed
as loves’ tears
fell upon us

when i awoke,
into darkness…
i willed you to hear
silent whispers
to come home
my ever-lasting