Thursday, August 12, 2010

Invincable Woman

I pretended nothing was wrong
knowing if I believed,
even though the marks
lay across me,
if I concealed it
none would be able to see

if I lay buried within myself
false pretenses
ringing true,
for sure the world
would not notice
the pain concealed
shining through

heavily consumed
the eyes of burden
hidden secrets untold
no one will notice
so long as I believe
it is true

as everyone shies away,
with silence on their tongue
they can not see me,
or what I have become…

lie in front of them

a woman

hidden in the shadows
of which
does not speak of

creating an
invisible woman
for all the world
to turn the other cheek on

and the bruises
they continue,
the only source
to rely on,
it is with this burden
of which I will always run with

and forever be known,
as the invincible woman


  1. we turn a blind eye to so much...and in th end we are silent accessories...

  2. No one should be invisible nor feel invisible....society needs to open their .....:-) Hugs

  3. your poetry always carries such emotional
    truth - this poem speaks of a woman/women
    and men in abusive relationships or someone
    who doesn't fit into the "box" the world
    has assigned her/him to. excellent.

  4. Ha! Even if you don't pretend. Even if you wear your callouses open...they will turn away. They have no power anyway. Only I do, or so I've found.

    Beautifully written.

  5. Wanting to be heard and be heard....
    wanting to be seen and be seen
    there is a power in powerlessness

  6. i hate the whole idea of women being treated like that just because some men think they can take it. woman are lovely and they deserve to be loved... and men who treat women like shit need to be punished for that... be it any guy, a boyfriend or even a husband!

    lovely portrayal Kay... loved reading it till the end!!

  7. to carry it inside and yet be pretending..
    to be invisible and yet shining ..
    to be heavy and yet smiling..
    life is painful and yet beautiful..

  8. i would love that women like this would stand up and make themselves be heard - but I think after living a life like this for a long time, it's not easy...

  9. How can someone be consumed by something and still be invincible?

  10. well... being invincible has a high cost-
    difficult life,,,
    reminds me of marilyn...

  11. A very wonderful poem, so uncomfortable, and true

  12. This is powerful, Kay. I see many different things in your words but mostly a sensitive, kind spirit. Your poems are a mirror to me. Thank you for sharing them, Tomato girl. Love & Blessings!

  13. 這不過是滑一跤,並不是死掉而爬不起來了。..................................................

  14. Powerful. We all should have the right to be heard and seen. Thanks Kay for this powerful message. Blessings.

  15. Remarkable poem and wunderfull thoughts;
    I appreciate your work!