Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dreaming of you

i dreamt of you last eve

miracles brushed us,
with the color of fall leaves
stroking, creating
harmonious beings
folded together
it was you embracing me
transpiring wishes
floating through air,
heavens’ god hushed
as loves’ tears
fell upon us

when i awoke,
into darkness…
i willed you to hear
silent whispers
to come home
my ever-lasting


  1. 'dreaming of you' lovely, beautiful, awesome..
    How I have looked for you in happy corners, in joyous rides and then in empty spaces of my houses where you used to hide.. when I could not find you anywhere I slept to meet you in dreams..

  2. Wonderful poem. The image is great too.

  3. oh, hope they come home soon...esp if those dreams keep up. smiles. nice write kay...

  4. It is beautiful when dreams come true because then you cherish memories. Even if it didn't, you can still keep dreaming. And, that is the beautiful part. No strings attached!

  5. What beautiful words and imagery here Kay. That photo is quite sensual and sets the mood. Thanks for your visit :)

  6. I am even wishing him home....your good my dear friend......:-) Hugs

  7. ...as loves’ tears fell upon us...shiver - beautiful write!

  8. What can I say..? Just that I 've read it. Just that it's so very beautiful.. Just that I get never disappointed when I visit this your place...

  9. This poem made me so sad. Such beautiful imagery. You have a gift of evoking emotions.

  10. Tender and beautiful. So nicely done, Kay.

  11. You, like me, write from the heart, I wonder sometimes if that is enough. You remember me, I'm just under a new blog. Have not done it for a while. You may remember by the way of my writing. By the way,nice poem.

  12. amazing. Very nice.thx