Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life is a Scavenger Hunt

is about searching
moving about
looking for
specific items
be it a place
a time
a person
a feeling
an emotion
it’s the constant hunt
with an ending goal
of happiness
a life fulfilled,
a race to the finish line
picking up memorabilia
along the way
to create a shrine
of the scavenger hunt
of a life time
all of us
out there
for the same contentedness
all of us
taking our own path
to make it
to the same places

in this race through life
we may lose ourselves
a time or two
but we all meet
at the finish line
to share the final prize
with you.


  1. smiles. nice flow..love the end...hopefully what we pick up along the way is memories and not just more stuff...to clutter the track...

  2. you are a special writer, truly.
    what could be better than dying satisfied, i wonder.

  3. I love the ending of this one :)

  4. lovely...
    i want the final prize to be yours for you helped me through :)

  5. Living with contentment makes life worthwhile.

  6. This is wonderful and so true. I love the idea of picking up memorabilia along the way, and such a wonderful ending. Beautiful poem

  7. Beautiful Kay. I love sentiment to this.

  8. Well said.All of us has common deadline

  9. Ahhh yes the finish line, I agree we will all meet there and have a huge celebration as we go down memory lane, how wonderful that will be

  10. Interesting perspective! I really enjoyed this.

  11. We think on the same lines on this one Kay :) Loved it!

    This is my second last post:

    see see!! :P

  12. on different paths , on different races , on different pace but what ultimate reality is dat we are all seeking something and our ways entwine in d end ...
    as always loved ur creation :)

  13. beautifully written, kay - just beautiful - please forgive my being so out of touch lately - so difficult when life gets in our way ;)

    and thank you so much for your kind comments at my place - please come again and often! your visits make my day!

  14. This is a riveting piece and such a triumphant ending. Life is as you describe a race towards the finish. It is wonderful when those we love meet us there. Beautifully written Kay.

  15. Compelling. Maybe not my philosophy - quite - but almost you convince me. A poet can ask no more.

  16. Like a prayer... this is full of hope and serenity... the same I am in right now... I love this connection, in all the senses of the word. You and I, you and the rest of the world and finally with the Higher Power!

  17. Kay, very nice. Beautifully written. Blessings.

  18. Hi Kay :)
    The scavenger hunt of life...enjoying the journey...so nice. I love the picture you've chosen too. I believe we are kindered spirits. You're words always speak to me.
    So good to visit you and hear your voice!
    Love and Hugs, Kay

  19. Life is an exciting journey. And with
    a heart with open eyes we love.

    You've written this poem with a gentleness
    borne of love.

  20. Had to read several times before I could comment: it is hope PURE. Thanks for this beauty

  21. you know what? I think you are absolutely right..:)

  22. somehow in a wasteland of human flesh, ideas, needs, fears and desires. That makes perfect sense to me. Very good my friend.

  23. ahhh dear friend, i long to see you there :)
    very well done.

  24. We are born lost and from that day we start the never ending search to find who we are as we continuously evolve.

  25. Liked the aspects touched upon.

    Sometimes there's happiness in searching that is not there in finding one's goal.

  26. The delicacy and dynamics flow
    I read this poem every day... touching of magic

    to me life is like exploration the mystery, is like a rope intertwined with the trifles of everyday life, rope to climbing day after day

    with love