Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A woman's blush

i wished upon forever
through the star-studded
gaze in your eyes

with a mirrored reflection of
hope lust entrust

arising into remembrance
the beauty lying within forgiveness
unbeknownst how much would be taken
between the fingers of our touch

grasping the breath
of which we both subside
this moment,
as much yours
as it is mine

tickles my girlish emotions
endearing the ever-lasting blush
staking claim
into womanhood

to be
loved & despised

Thursday, September 16, 2010

dreams do come true

like a girl,
on her first day of school,
just to show up and find…

school is full of barbies, play-house and dress-up
sweets galore,
of ever varying kind…

reverted back to text book smells
and sugar sweet lips
to tell
the tales
of fabricated stories

protected by a bubble
of which,
only the reality
of dreams come true
could burst…

into the surreal freedom
of dreaming continued...

Friday, September 10, 2010

table for one, please

there is something to be said
of the solitaire soul
something unique,
yet seemingly wild
and out of control
independence succumbed
to a table for one
the musical tinker-tink
of toasts and cheers

achingly, patrons whisper
A beautiful girl, still of her prime
there’s time still to be found
by a handsome young man
to share their days
with promises and serenades

finishing her meal
walking out to busied streets
her shadow not far behind
reflection playfully darting
on window panes
she smiles,
knowing the secrets
often considered obsolete
although, solitaire
she’s never been lonely
delighted in spending time
 with herself
seemingly selfish
perhaps even odd
but that of which
many will never master

Friday, September 3, 2010

Naive Love

we loved
as if
love did not

as if time
stood still
with us

as if
we would live

as if

we did not see
the future

did not predict
that the moment
would not last

we loved
as if
love did not


It does.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


time moves
so quickly
and I wonder…

where does it go?
children growing,
seasons changing,

moving rapidly
into the future
one moment passes into
the next
one minute, into an hour
an hour into a day
a day into a month
a month into
a year…

gone bye.

again and again
and through the seasons
through time traveling
past conceivable notion,
I still find it hard to step back
and watch time slipping past

to stand still
as life
moves quickly
beyond measure
no time
to look back
nor forward
it’s this moment
moving quickly
that my mind is rapid
fluttering as the hummingbird flurry
a ripple in the waves
losing ones reflection
lost in the turmoil
compounded by the immeasurable
of time slipping away
through pursed lips dried,
attempting to sip water through
fine fingers
it slides…

hungering for a time
when life did not run
faster then my legs could move,
when memories
served more of a purpose than
a simple snap shot
to capture the moment
the course of time

I’ll rise for air
at once
after this drought
of a swim
through time
languidly embracing the moments
of which can so easily
be forgotten

remember still,
the person I am
the person in control,
not that

of time