Friday, September 10, 2010

table for one, please

there is something to be said
of the solitaire soul
something unique,
yet seemingly wild
and out of control
independence succumbed
to a table for one
the musical tinker-tink
of toasts and cheers

achingly, patrons whisper
A beautiful girl, still of her prime
there’s time still to be found
by a handsome young man
to share their days
with promises and serenades

finishing her meal
walking out to busied streets
her shadow not far behind
reflection playfully darting
on window panes
she smiles,
knowing the secrets
often considered obsolete
although, solitaire
she’s never been lonely
delighted in spending time
 with herself
seemingly selfish
perhaps even odd
but that of which
many will never master


  1. I'm reminded a line from the movie "One Flew Over THe Cukoo's Nest" - Head Nurse Ratched is leading a group therapy session:

    Nurse Rached:
    Remember, Mr. Scanlon, we've discussed many times… …that time spent in the company of others is very therapeutic. While time spent brooding alone only increases a feeling of separation. You remember that, don't you?

    Mr. Scanlon:
    Do you mean to say… …it's sick to want to be off by yourself?

  2. i know several singles that are comfortable there...and if they can be they i am humbled before them...

  3. The table for one experience should be viewed as well as you have put it into words.

  4. I do know the feeling, excellent words about it Kay. You pull it off while maintaining your social grace. The way you do it just shows you are comfortable with who you are.

  5. Another classic.. reading your stuff make me realize I cant write for shit. I was never any good at English or poetry. That's why i stopped writing and/or posting poetry. Not because of your awesome stuff but because I made it too the limit of what I could do.

    Keep it up =)

  6. I have adapted very well to my single life since being widowed......actually I love my life and knowing my choices are my own. Oh yeah life is good. Have a great weekend....Hugs

  7. what is worth kay is feeling this solitude while living among people you love and they love you..BEAUTIFUL piece..:)

  8. More then the prose, it was the title which I liked more,expressed a lot more in just few words :)

    Have been busy, here after a long time. How are you?

  9. Its worse feeling alone in a room full of people
    Mr Monkey

  10. So....what if I acquire 72 cats? No? Okay, then.


  11. I think that periods of time of being single allow us to appreciate the times when we are not and vice versa!

  12. Its better to be alone than to constantly wait for someone !

  13. awesome post
    love the image and prose

  14. table for one...

    wonderful words which opening the door to the room of silence and light, without words only feelings

    I would add more:

    I love to be with you
    I love to be with me.


    Kay, have a good day

  15. being a master in being solitaire is a wise thing... which not many people can bear, which most avoid...

    ah! but only because they have no idea of what they miss...

  16. its bettr to be dependent solely on your ownself than just waiting for the one!
    to be perfectly at ease wid the idea of being alone in the crowd!!
    nice piece :)

  17. seldom is alone absent from the comapany of thoughts..

  18. and that woman is a prize. and she knows it. that woman is what empires are fought over. that woman is worth all the risk.
    i wonder why. maybe because the peace she has is what we all covet.
    but these things go in cycles too. she may be at peace this year, and next she might feel the winds of time and want something else. it is inevitable, at least in my experience. when that peace is present, yes, it is worth celebrating.
    aren't you ever going to write something less than outstanding?:)

  19. something special to be at ease and enjoy oneself - important moments
    love the thoughts and processes and reflection :)

  20. Great piece! I've always felt that you can never be truly comfortable around others until you are first comfortable with yourself. Also, for what it's worth, I've always felt that nothing makes a woman more sexually appealing than unpretentious self confidence.

  21. Even though I am married, I like to do most things alone. I spent much of my life thinking I was an extrovert, when I really am the opposite.
    This piece really speaks to me.

  22. Oh my goodness...your writing is beautiful. How did I not come across this sooner? So glad to have found your blog. xoxo

  23. I have been spending time with your words, Kay and discovering, that I am liking this way you have with words.
    This dragged me back, to re read not once but twice. You capture well being alone; not lonely. I think you can only experience such when you are comfortable in your own skin.