Friday, May 28, 2010

maybe tomorrow

i don’t wanna.
sure don’t.
don’t wanna do laundry
grocery shop
talk to you
watch tv or movies
i don’t wanna.
go to work
take a shower
get dressed
be social
or smile
pretending to care
sure don’t.
don’t wanna
do dishes
clean the bathroom
check my e-mail
not gonna.

and you can’t make me

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Daughter

it is mid-day,
summer heated spring beauty
she walks, aimlessly
devoid of emotion
no stranger to strangers passing by
warm breeze flutters her cotton dress,
dancing with wisps of golden hair,
stranded from the long braid lane softly down her back
resting in lushness of green grasses,
shining raze of sun, warm her milky skin
wide, blue eyes gaze up to a reflecting clear blue empty sky
parched mouth,
she languidly bites into a sumptuous red tomato,
eaten as an apple, the juices slither down her plush lips
gliding the crease of her elongated neck
kissing the ground with nutrients
as bended knee, a glistening pearl of sweat
rolls down the curve of her calf,
she feeds the earth with her existence
as the skies,
listen to her silence
seeping into the ground of which she invades,
comforting strength and growth
solitude and awareness,
she is her Mother’s daughter
a minuscule piece,
of an existence much grander

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Word


strength resides there,
embodied the presence of meaning,
demands foreseen
whispering devotion
once spoken, it lingers
as a haunted ghost
expectations forthcoming…


forgiven or not
inevitable the mistakes we endure
choices and decisions sorrowfully playing
keystrokes of emotion,
yet bound by self gratification
a minuscule moment in time
that can…


deep inside
unjustly wronged
pain ensued, heartfelt despair
alone, bewildered
a breaking heart
forsakenly demised to…


so strong
immeasurable the weight of which bears down
animosity, angst
burdened there the forsaken,
unrelenting despise and disgust
scared, this could be everlasting…


Love. will resurface
Sorry. if forgiveness can not find its way
Pain. residing in what once was a safe place
Hate. seething its way into overflowing veins
Hope. that tomorrow will be better

what is one little word, anyway?