Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Daughter

it is mid-day,
summer heated spring beauty
she walks, aimlessly
devoid of emotion
no stranger to strangers passing by
warm breeze flutters her cotton dress,
dancing with wisps of golden hair,
stranded from the long braid lane softly down her back
resting in lushness of green grasses,
shining raze of sun, warm her milky skin
wide, blue eyes gaze up to a reflecting clear blue empty sky
parched mouth,
she languidly bites into a sumptuous red tomato,
eaten as an apple, the juices slither down her plush lips
gliding the crease of her elongated neck
kissing the ground with nutrients
as bended knee, a glistening pearl of sweat
rolls down the curve of her calf,
she feeds the earth with her existence
as the skies,
listen to her silence
seeping into the ground of which she invades,
comforting strength and growth
solitude and awareness,
she is her Mother’s daughter
a minuscule piece,
of an existence much grander


  1. THAT is a poem!
    A beautiful dedication to both motherhood and being daughter... I was a daughter before I became A MOTHER MYSELF... and then I loved my mom more than anyone else in the world...

  2. this one left me with a smile at the end...with out her the grander picture would not be complete...

  3. A tomato never had it so good. ;-)

  4. I like this one almost as much as I like your poem about ignoring phone calls.

    Happy Mother's Day

  5. Wonderful poem. Reminds me of my daughters too. Thanks...

  6. This is the best dedication and expression I read... Most meaningful!

  7. I agree with the others. Nice poem.

    Happy mother's day to all moms who read this and all moms in general.

  8. Of an existence much grander
    I love it, so many meanings can be behind these words!
    So glad you aree back. You are right, my post feels like forgiveness. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Oh the mother/daughter relationship is complicated at times by so very worth all we have to go to to achieve the ultimate, no one loves you like your mother ever....:-)Hugs

  10. Awesome piece..:)
    A true dedication on this day..
    Daughters are a gift which not everyone has..



  11. I love how she feeds the earth. Emotionless and aimless, yet still she feeds. Such a lovely portrait and the circular nature of, she, the next...


  12. 'an existence much grander' and on and on. Very clever Kay. I liked 'sumptous red tomato eaten as an apple' that took me by surprise. This poem was a joy! :)

  13. that's it, I don't feel bad that I was commenting on other blogs thinking it was you while leaving you hanging (if I posted grander people would correct my grammer, you do it and it's their favorite line, it's art, WTF)

    :) hopefully you sense my sarcasm friend

  14. what a vivid description :)
    amazing poem!

  15. the last 2 lines tug at my heart-strings
    Must be great to be a mother to a lovely daughter!

  16. What a beautiful dedication highlighting the bond of mother and daughter. I certainly got lost in the beauty of your words and metaphors. A lovely read here.

  17. 我們唯一需要恐懼的事,是恐懼本身........................................

  18. You have more talent in your pinky than I do in my whole body. I loved this!

  19. God i love this one.... its so sexy to me... the juice of gods fruit is a very sensual thing dont you agree?

  20. And for her there is Always Love

    I had the title yesterday pm and this morning after your comment I got the text.
    It's for you Kay!

  21. Hey Kay, I see you are still marvelous!!! :0)

  22. Strange, I was sure I'd commented on this before. Maybe I was too far transported by it and did something silly. (Sensuous, or what?)

  23. All of it is so lovely & loving, but this is my favorite phrase:

    'wisps of golden hair,
    stranded from the long braid'


  24. Lovely poem ! Penned down really well :)

  25. Fantastic daughter tribute, lovely.

  26. Kay are you the poet behind this beautiful work?

  27. Had to return and re-read! Hugs to you

  28. beautiful piece - loved it!!! thanks so much for coming by my places and do come again soon!

  29. Kay, I've been following you still....hope you are well. You have grown so much as a writer - girl, the things coming out of you are amazing.