Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Word


strength resides there,
embodied the presence of meaning,
demands foreseen
whispering devotion
once spoken, it lingers
as a haunted ghost
expectations forthcoming…


forgiven or not
inevitable the mistakes we endure
choices and decisions sorrowfully playing
keystrokes of emotion,
yet bound by self gratification
a minuscule moment in time
that can…


deep inside
unjustly wronged
pain ensued, heartfelt despair
alone, bewildered
a breaking heart
forsakenly demised to…


so strong
immeasurable the weight of which bears down
animosity, angst
burdened there the forsaken,
unrelenting despise and disgust
scared, this could be everlasting…


Love. will resurface
Sorry. if forgiveness can not find its way
Pain. residing in what once was a safe place
Hate. seething its way into overflowing veins
Hope. that tomorrow will be better

what is one little word, anyway?


  1. wow. yeah it happens.
    and welcome back.

  2. Great poem. Very powerful are these little words.

  3. What an universal, all-encompassing emotional poem, and so well stated, Kay! With those "little" words.

    First two stanzas remind me of the book and movie, Love Story. In it are those words, ever-famous: "People who are in love never have to say they're sorry!" Now, THAT'S gotta be REAL love...

  4. WOW you have hit on every emotion....beautiful.
    So glad you have posted, I was beginning to worry about you.....big hugs......:-)

  5. I feel that these are simple words from the depths of the soul.

    I missed, I waited,

    hugs with love

  6. WOW, shows the rainbow of emotions. Kay, missed oyu, good to hear (read) from you. Started to get worried. Hugs across the pond

  7. This reads well aloud and the tapestry of emotions unfolds, or rather, unrolls smoothly. Nicely done.

  8. One little word?
    One little word?
    Every single word here has been wisely chosen to convey such a deep message.
    Such are words... which give sense to IT all, once put in the correct order in our minds and soul... only to become poetry...

    As this piece>>> a masterpiece--Which only YOU can do!

    Glad you are back!


  9. One word,, Glad : you are back..and OK,,

  10. There were five words...and I thought of the five stages of grief, and here five stages of love, or more the cycle of love. Never moves between these five and their off shoots, organic.

    Beautiful poem!

  11. u hve awesumly explained the one word......
    waited 4 ur post since long :)

  12. IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

  13. "what is one little word, anyway?"
    Everything and nothing.
    This poem says it all. I have missed you, Kay. Welcome back. Hugs/ Jo.

  14. Glad to read you again :) Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Beautiful poem that says everything you could fit into those words. So much emotion :)

  15. Kay, very well written and powerful. Blessings.

  16. There is depth in simplicity.


  17. The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath. It was a pleasure reading your thoughts again, after a short break. Cheers!

  18. just a bunch of beautiful little letters that cycle around and keep going to string together fairy tales, one little anyway?

  19. wonderful, powerful, deep!! Great stuff Kay. You are better than ever these days. :) xo

  20. yeah WORDS ..little in letters..huge in effect, i have never underestimated their power. they do kill and revive..:) if you have the time please pay a visit to my blog,i wrote one poem called "words" hope you like it..keep writing,you have it right :)