Monday, December 20, 2010


my heart sinks
as the sink fills
with 8 wine glasses
6 coffee mugs
2 knives

and I’m still…

sitting with cup in hand
wafting away the smoke
engulfed in unbecoming

without you
my sink fills
as my heart sinks

and I’m still…

without you.


  1. Oh, Kay, I am glad to hear from you. I am sad to read about this sunkenness.... heartbreaking....
    Hugs to you. My time as has finally arrived. In 4 days I am 4500miles to all my bloggie friends. Will be weird for some time, thinking of you as "just around the corner" xxx

  2. strong, strong, strong,,I had to come back and read this a second time,,,

  3. Where have you been, I have missed you! I find this filled with heart wrenching emotion, sad as it is, it is expressed beautifully....Hugs

  4. Kay, you are!
    I am very glad you're back, that you write
    Thank you!
    Are you sad?
    Well,I know that sadness is a component of life.
    Every day I say to myself that cheesecake without raisins is tasty, but with raisins tasty more.

    Loving hugs.

  5. And your words have that sunken feel to them. I am liking how this is written, how she can be read and how this feeling sinks within oneself.

  6. Doesn't it seem Kay, as if the space of emptiness always gets replaced with something, and fullness always if they are only displaced, and replaced? Perhaps the fill and empty are not as we wish, but they are ever revolving. ((Hugs))

  7. good to see you kay...i can feel the intense sorrow in these lines...and the emptiness of the glasses echo that of the narrator...hope the dishes get washed soon to be refilled...

  8. Yea the peope above me sums up my feelings. So ill leave it at that. Good one kay =)

  9. i feel you Kay..sunkenness is too strong to bare,loved your lines,the sorrow and the will pass too Kay..

    big hug
    Merry Christmas to you :)

  10. I smiled as I read this, even though the image and the words promote opposing feelings. Sink, sinking , sunken… so well used here. The lower the word took me, in the end after sinking all the way, I had to smile.

  11. Its as usual strong and beautiful. I m glad to have you write this after a long long time :)

  12. Its very strong ... the picture says it all cant go deeper than this...nice to see you back.

  13. Hi Kay,
    i just want to give you a very big hug!

  14. Wow Kay
    How why do you this to me?
    You shine with those meanderings of yours which BTW i love

  15. Kay, wishing you joy and peace for X-mas. Thinking of you. Next time y ou hera from me I will be on the same side of the pond. Flying out tomorrow. Love, Paula

  16. This just makes me sad. I guess because I know how this feels all too well. Thank you for putting yourself out there like that.

  17. Cool.
    yoo RITE.
    Lemme wanna gonna!
    giveth unto thee,
    my just N worthy liege,
    some fab-YOU-lous conundrums
    as we gitta rapidfire-gatlin-gun,
    .358-caliber-Seventh-Heaven, ya cowpoke?

    trustNjesus, dear,
    N i'll see you Upstairs soon.
    God bless your indelible soul.