Monday, November 30, 2009

Desperate Love

she's off again
plunging head first
into the walls of a mans heart
repeatedly beating
down the doors
of despair
lonely cries emerged
in the arms of a stranger
this moment
this night
when the conscience goes quiet
insecurities hide
all is motionless
in the darkness lie
two hearts fluttering
racing against time
into the never-ending night
validating desperate love
clinging there
resonating hope
two passionate hearts


  1. Not sure if this is true love or a one night is very beautiful though. One must never run from love, but oh run and run fast toward it. You have a gift my friend....:-) Hugs

  2. i think we just cross each other...just saw your comment coming in as i stepped by to read your words of passion.....hmmm, you know how i feel about these things!

    Kay....' when the conscience goes out.'..the sense of freedom has thrill we cant get to know otherwise! Atleast thats what i think...!
    The risks goes with the responsibilities, is'nt it !

    love, the play of emotions here!

  3. Beautiful poem. I like the emotions behind it :)

  4. desperate love. that needs to be released at some point as well... heat and speed and not too many emotions...

  5. I really love this. Thanks again for sharing your gift.

  6. Loving it...why is it love has to be desperate at one point when it can be so exhilarating too? sigh

  7. Gosh what a recipe for humankind and lasting peace you give us within the realm of lust. Thankyou for your thoughts and powerfull expression.

    Hugs, Fab

  8. finding the key can be the most beautiful thing!

  9. wonderful kay...when all that heat builds up...its got to go somewhere...

  10. Amazing!!! It's so darn good!! I read it seven times...I loved it!!

    First few words into the piece and I just knew it's brilliant!!

    Really good!

  11. I want to say, why does love need to be validated? It irritates me somehow, but there is truth in it. Loves reflection is what holds, otherwise it's like a boomerang that never returns. Nice piece Kay!

  12. Truly desperate. I just hope for a not too dramatic ending!

  13. Kay,
    Desperation is one of the feelings and we need feelings to feel alive. It comes from the heart. Mind is never desperate. It weighs the crap load of rules, conventions and principals that do nothing but put limitations on us. By the time our mind figures out what we “should” do there is nothing left of the moment we wanted to capture…
    Love it!!

  14. Maybe simply living on the moment could dispel desperation once and for all...

  15. dont you just love these moments of desperation, I for one do , I am very passionate , the more the merry..

    wishing it was never ending..



  16. Wandering hearts are two puzzle pieces of a whole trying to fit together

  17. two lonely hearts turning to desperate love but at the same time clinging to that moment with the hope that it will turn into something far deeper!!well written and really loved the concept.repeatedly beating down the doors of despair was very well thought of line.keep writing!!

  18. Love is so intruiging. You can't have the pleasure without the pain. Excellent post.