Thursday, September 17, 2009

It is I

Maybe it is I
who cares too much
who loves too deeply
who knows no boundaries
who is too passionate
who can not hold her tongue
who gives too freely
who holds back too much
who speed rails through life
who is careless with her heart
who seeks love time and again
who pushes it away
who finds it in the crease of each smile
who forgives too often
who can save herself
who already has
maybe it is I


  1. "who gives too freely
    who holds back too much"

    Two sides of the same coin.

  2. I suggest you to hear Papa roach's "Scars".
    It goes like this....
    I tear my heart open and sew my self weakness is that I care too much...

  3. Um, I think I recognise this person. I see her in the mirror every day.

  4. very well written dear!!!So true,so real.

  5. by realising though you give love and forgiveness and all the other little pieces of your heart you can not make them take it. wonderful kay.

  6. and if that is you, all it means is that you're a loving, trusting, compassionate, beautiful human being, and that's not something you should feel bad about in any way whatsoever!

  7. If it is you, I like it. Your complexity makes you interesting, and your struggles make you approachable. And you can never forgive too often!

  8. my own sort of've captured what i've been thinking too. I don't know if its a good thing or not, because i seem to offer this to others who can't reciprocate. My intensity dumbfounds both myself and the ones I want to reach out to the most. I guess it comes down to offering it up unconditionally with no expectations and let go of how they react? compassion and passion are beautiful entities, but hold much power and energy for many.... male and female.

    beautiful piece xx

  9. Had to return after pondering :-))Everyone above had said what I would have said. I simply love it. You are such an inspiration.
    Thanks for the comment on my last post. However I do struggle a bit with your reply. Would u mind teeling me in plain words for my limited English???
    Thanks and hugs. Paula

  10. Don't ever change who you are....we all have warts. Loving, learning, forgiving are not only powerful emotions but wonderful to experience and share with all of are so honest in your youth and I love you for just being you....many hugs to you....:-)

  11. Kay, you are a beautiful woman with beautiful ways and thoughts.
    Don't ever are so special and perfect just the way you are :D



  12. I love this, Kay. It's absolutely beautiful. You're my kind of spirit.

  13. A beautiful Soul this 'I'. A beautiful write, you.

  14. So pure "I" you have there...I can't help but envy [it]..

  15. maybe that's I ... :|


    thanks for the follow...

  16. The complexity of being human. Well done! Love the picture with it.

  17. Kay,
    Beautiful portrait of a complex, emotional, mistical and enigmatic woman...
    Very nicely written!!

  18. I don't even know what to say anymore?! Your really good!

  19. just popped over to read a few of your recent posts. I love the format of this one.

    Maybe it is I? you, me, her, Maybe?
    I am all of the above. My MyStIcAl YOU, simple ,wonderful YOU


  20. Wisdom and insight. Formatted ironically in the shape of an owl, lol.

  21. Your poetry is beautiful, I like this one most

  22. You are a beautiful poet...I can really relate to this one...