Monday, September 14, 2009

Day Light

it was day light
the sun shone bright
in the cool autumn air
you looked at me
tilting your head, observing
you said
you look wonderful today
the blue of your shirt
capturing the intensity of your eyes
you look vibrant and happy

it was later that i realized
you had never seen me
in the day light


  1. oh i like that kay. such a beautiful simple profound truth.

  2. How often do we look and see someone with such emotion only to realize that they either look right through us or not see us at much is lost in just one moment....:-) Hugs

  3. wow! the thoughts behind are as profound as the poem itself. great!

  4. Reminds me of my last boyfriend...He never saw me in the busy tearing me down even thought I saved the life of many...I suspect he could never see me for who I really was... a woman with great need to please

  5. Sometimes we even dont see ppl in the day light...

  6. daylight can do that to a person.
    i was just thinking how in familiar circumstances we frame each other. to see someone anew in a fresh environment, a fresh light...well, i'm waiting.

    Loved this one, Kay.

  7. WOW!! I actually went through the motions on this poem , even the tilting of the head, smiling, then felt my smile become a frown.!!!

    Oh how often this happens! To many times,
    one wonders who or whom they really see when they actually take time to look.

    also reminds us how alone two people can truly be under the same roof. even in relationships.

    Terribly true.!~!



  8. To me, i read two sides of a mirror. One reflects, the other hides. To me, I like very much. :)

  9. mmmmm, we look and often don't see.. i like this one a LOT!!!!

  10. I like: How often is the compliment accepting only to realize later it was too easy to say. Great words.

  11. how sweet to relish memories and have those moments of "realizing" - YEE HAA!

  12. Oh, I always love a surprise ending. And my mind is swimming in speculation of late night trists and stolen moments.

  13. I don't know, I read this a little differently. It made me think of the sweetness of a new relationship, when a person is discovering things about the other, one after another, and it's like a glorious feast. Maybe they only met last night?

  14. Kay,
    Surprising end... a bit unfortunate... Beautifully written piece!!

  15. Great poem, Kay. Kind of sad, however, that he had never seen her in the light of day.

  16. stirring see but never to see...nice twist there, making a huge point. nice.

  17. You know what I really like about all I've read till's good, it's's really easy to understand!

    Often I gotta rack my brain and interpret it and then ponder! You give it really nicely!

    And obviously, it's beautiful!