Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off Kilter

the sun rises from the south
sets in the north
rivers run upstream
back into the lakes and mountains
rain drifts upward
into a cloudless sky
heat floods the existence
when night becomes day

the world becomes a place
where animals roam freely
undisturbed by mankind
flowers and trees no longer bloom
wilting back into themselves
imploding down into the earth
nothing is as it was

as everything seems off today


  1. You know I have black and white pictures in my bedroom of trees...I often think of them as still life...growing just a little each year...I would like to just grow a little older each year and on a whole year older...does that make sense...

  2. was lovely!!!
    Wonder how u come up with excellent posts every time...whts the secret..:)

  3. I agree but can't express it in such a manner as you, you simple girl right.

  4. Don't you wish we could travel back in time?

  5. Wonderfully expressed, Kay.
    Oh, Kay was my mom's name.
    So, I really like your name and your poetry too.


  6. Its as if life has found the hump point and on the other side we take a ride in reverse back to where we all came.

  7. A wonderful way to explain off days. Very wonderful.

  8. Now this is the making of a great did you even think of it.....I have had days off kilter but never thought of it the way you describe this Kay, just love it!
    .......:-) Hugs

  9. that was indeed wonderful.. :)

    I wonder how could you imagine things in such a way.. your imagination is surely a cut above the rest..

    good one.. ;)

  10. I know this feeling...everything is mixed up and you just want peace! Ugh! Kind of like an Alice in Wonderland kind of day...LOL

    Really neat, Kay. I love it! You write the best stuff. Your words always resonate in a deep part of me.
    Thank you!

  11. How do you write like this?? What beautiful thoughts!! :O
    Love them! I have probably felt like this on numerous occasions but could never put into words like you do!
    Wowie! :)

  12. Excellent imagination maam. Lovely poem :)

  13. Kay - I like this a lot. This metaphor, of time moving forwards (or sideways like the sun) and the flowers and rivers moving backwards, is really well done. Thank you for posting it.

  14. hey! this is really cool. the images you drew i could see before my eyes...

  15. Seasonl change all in a frantic pace.

  16. whew, vivid imagery. hope your thursday becomes a fabulous friday! and your kilter is found. smiles.

  17. Reminds me of a band on my iPod - "Falling Up". I was just thinking of that this morning, wishing it were more often the case, instead of a face plant.

  18. Hey, you have a tag or two over at MM, check 'em out, and do them if you want. :)

  19. Awesome, Kay. I love this poem! Boy, have I had days like this! I love the seasons changing and it does seem like stepping out the door into a new world. Blessings!

  20. Just brilliant! I just saw the sketch you portrayed through words!

  21. Kay,
    Absolutely awsome! Love the imagery here! Really cool!!

  22. Great post.

    Sometimes we all feel like curling up and be back in the womb.

    I don't think my mother would want to carry around an extra 250 pounds

  23. Have you seen "Return to Innocence" video from Enigma... awesome post.. !!
    BTW I never write blank posts.. !!

  24. Excellent. Open to a clutch of interpretations, probably, but all the better for that. I loved it.

  25. Really, really love it. returning from hospital to find such a lovely poem online is just like a gift for today. Thanks Kay.

  26. Yeah, I remember when I used to smoke weed.....

  27. How about a nice 4 course dinner for breakfast - this is really cool Kay.
    I love that last "imploding down into the earth
    nothing is as it was"
    there more it stays the same the more it changes - ;) to you

  28. Yeah, I seem to be having quite a few of off-kilter days lately. ;)

    Beautiful stuff, Kay!

  29. I hate these off days.. imploding down into the earth nothing is as it was!! Brilliant!! you wonderful simple GREAT woman U..

    TY for the smiles again

  30. Holy crap, these sentiments married with that photo...this is totally powerful, Kay. Holy crap.

  31. Love the way you illuminate. Nice simple words we all can understand and appreciate. Great job!

    Loving what you do and so am going to sign up and follow. Please find some time to come see my blog:)