Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Expectation

Everything as it should be
she has grown
athletic, intellectual, spiritual
right on course,
she excelled in her education
followed with love bound dreams
her father proudly walked her down the isle
as he handed her off
to her hearts' sweet
they danced through the night
into their future
building the foundation
of a fairytale lifetime
biological clock ticking
reproductive syndrome
they bare three angelic ones
pronounced titles filled
daughter, wife, lover, mother

she lives as expected
they get what they long for
as time runs out
she aches for silence
quiet halls
a moment, too short
to reflect self
without the needs and distractions
of the loved ones of which she
yearns to please
caged by her freedoms
remembering past times
of dreams yet to come
dreams seldom forgotten
yet perceived as just an imagery
out of proportion
as time slips by

she bends
dropping to her knees
lying kisses on the eyelids
of the seeds from her womb
she weeps
closing the door softly
behind her
she wishes them better
one final good night


  1. That's powerful, Kay, and filled with longing. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that these years when the children are young and needing you 24/7 will pass all too quickly, although I recall feeling what you're feeling now. I wake some mornings in the silence and say to myself, "Where did the time go???" You'll understand one day. Just suck all the marrow you can out of each and every day and toss the bones at the end of each day to the dogs of the past and don't look back. Sending you love, hugs and blessings!!! (And never stop writing!!!)

  2. Kay,
    Wow, so many fit in that picture... it's sad that women forget about themselves trying to fit into the mold of expectations. It's never too late to change that... At the given time we do what we think is right, so - no regrets.
    Great write!!

  3. All part of being a woman! You captured us in a nutshell...

  4. that was just awesome.. !!
    specially the last part !!

  5. bloody hell that's deep and beautiful

  6. As women we do tend to lose sight of who we are and what we want during the "mommy years". I think children are so important that something must move aside to make way for how big they are. The question is how to come to find the core of self when the children are grown and you no longer recognize your own reflection in the mirror? And no, I don't have the answer. Workin' on it.

  7. Such a powerful poem, Kay!
    Oh my, your last part that could make one weep though!

    You are a wonderful writer, kay!


  8. OH Kay so strong and beautiful. Hugs to you.

  9. such an earnest poem, a melancholy longing
    for dreams that refuse to pass...there is
    still time...imagine kissing your own eyelids
    kay, planting the seeds of dreams that will
    grow to be realized...xo mia

  10. intriguing and beautifully put...dreams may come, cherish those dreams whose eyelids you kiss...

  11. Completely figuring out the picture message ...i liked your perception for the picture !!!


  12. P.S. You havesomething to pick up on my blog:)

  13. I could never quiet find my ovaries, so I never had any kids, pesky clock. ;)

  14. You should have an e mail address.

  15. I loved the picture and the dream of a perfect life...

  16. I think we fool ourselves sometimes that life is linear. We lay it out like that petal path up there, which is gorgeous, by the way. And then it aches in us and we realize something is amiss. It's not linear, Kay. Don't let it be. It's something else entirely.

    Beautiful write.

  17. A intense and powerful poem. Brilliant work again :)

  18. Brilliant!! once again. As I got closer to the end my eyes filled with tears, then the last paragraph I wept like a baby, remembering, wanting to kiss them again and again. Now as they are older, we kiss them goodnight as sometimes we go to bed before them ..
    having children has been the best part of my life. I wish many times they were young again, but then, I am looking forward to kissing the eyelids of my grandchildren one day as I kiss them goodnight, TY for making me sigh and love, remember, smile, dream, go back in time.
    Love u
    HUGS and Smiles.

  19. Caged by her freedom . . Genius!

  20. Very powerful indeed. "Caged by her Freedoms"

    We seem to get a sense of freedom when we transcend an issue and then we explore the new terrain with fresh eyes. But then as it becomes too familiar we get bored. It is time to find an exit point to see with fresh eyes from a higher vantage point.