Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loves replacement

I stand over the counter
munching on crackers and hummus
contemplating Loves existence, awaiting the call
from Loves replacement

nah, Love is not mine
Love claims its independence
and spats in the face of any
who requests too much attention

the world meant to cater
to Loves time clock
Loves watch Loves needs
all these years have taught me so

nay, Love is not mine
Love is on its own
as I wipe the crumbs into the sink
running hand in hand out the door

with Loves replacement.


  1. ooo...prickly. a happy ending?

    was it plain hummus or...oh never mind.

    beautiful. smiles.

  2. This is a well crafted poem with great rhythm. I love where you add "nay." Your words have a classic and modern twist.

  3. Sings: "I thought love was only true in fairy tales, meant for someone else but not for me..."

    I love this poem, Kay. One of your very best, I think. And I LOVE the picture! Who painted that, do you know?

  4. Great Poem. Very too the point. Like the feel. The paintings good too.

  5. Excellent, simple and to the point. Loved every syllable of this one!

  6. Oh my friend, love is for you as it is for everyone and comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, creeds and cultures. Reach out for is there.
    Many hugs my friend.......:-)

  7. Hmm...the ending left me pondering! :)

  8. Wow, the way you weave words amazes me each and every time again. Hugs to you

  9. Love is a selfish breed, sometimes it can be a vicious cycle. A great introspective poem. I love the first person perspective with a combined old world, contemporary charm. I was there with you in the room, with your thoughts.

  10. Loves replacement? I don't know Kay, it sounds like settling for less. Of course it could all be fiction, or perhaps you were self medicating (although I dare say you could do a lot better than hummus...chocolate? Pizza? Great poem though. Still wondering what you ran out the door with? A guy, a dog, damn hummus.

  11. Seems like I felt the "shrug" but still had a twist of contentment

  12. OH wow How I love this poem.. a mystery on who did you run out the door with .. It was like I was watching an eposide of a new sitcom just for US girls..

    was it the crackers and hummus.. LOL
    made me smile. and wake up this gloomy Friday.. Thanks and have a great weekend,

  13. We can also think of love as infinite or a field of energy that everything is enveloped in. Humans tend to be picky about accepting love through objects. Love is in everything and everything is Love. we just have to shift our attention or definition of where to find love or how to allow it inside of us. When we put up walls then we can not feel love. Love is acceptance of what is before us without judgement or the need to change it. It is a knowing that Life is Art in infinite form.

  14. Oh, great poem, Kay!
    I loved this one!
    Just love how you write!


  15. Kay,
    Hmmm... very interesting view on Love... I'd agree, we don't own Love...
    Some say "love is the way we treat each other" - I kind of agree with that.
    Very nice and thought provoking!

  16. Fabulous, Kay, and I love the picture which so perfectly illustrates the poem. I came away at the end with a feeling of hope. Thank you for that. Blessings, dear poet-friend!

  17. and this my dear I had to learn the hard way over and over before it sunk in...

  18. Kay, very nice! Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

  19. hopefully love's replacement will treat you better than "love" himself!! Great writing Kay. :)

  20. Love's cranky. Love should wear a bib. It drools when it eats and doesn't share fair. But it's so damned cute with that bit caught right there, in the corner of its mouth.

    Who/what is love's replacement? We're all craning our necks to see.

  21. Wow, if you fold cheap pizzas in half and eat them over the sink, I may have found love's replacement. :)))

  22. Always inscribed with so many feelings,so glad to find you again, and your words!

  23. Emancipation! That was beautiful.