Thursday, October 8, 2009


Like a dream
showing up to class naked
you run out the door
Disoriented and hungry
for composure
Hoping no one will notice
the pillow crease
running down your cheek
you breeze through the entryway
Greeted with
'We were worried about you'
'I'm sorry', you reply
Resuming the position
of catch up all day
and into the night
you can't help but wonder
if they are thinking
Man, must be nice to sleep late


  1. nice post, it happens with me very often!

  2. Oh can I relate to this poem, especially the pillow crease along my this one Kay.......:-) Hugs

  3. what a turnaround... and 'the pillow crease running down your cheek' what a superb image!

  4. lol. every once in a while i still dream i show up in class and there is a test i knew absolutely nothing about.

  5. Love this one,, refreshing, you know one time I was meeting this guy for the first time, it went great, so we decided to meet for breakfast the next morning at his hotel.
    When I got there, as we sat across the table, fingers locked smiling, happy to see one another again, he said, I see you slept very well last night, I can see the embroidery from the pillow case on your cheek.. TY for taking me back to that special memory

  6. I had a crease down my entire chest this morn,;)

  7. Me late? Only half and hour this morning. lol,, and yes, I have had that dream.. thnx for the morning read.

  8. Only one crease? Lucky. My face looks like a roadmap in the morning. I hear Heather Locklear sleeps on her back to avoid wrinkles. Oh well....too late.

  9. My first visit to your blog and must say LOVED this! Wasn't expecting that ending and then it made me smile, really smile:)

  10. wow wow a natural poet. Super!

  11. sleeping late what a gift!
    thanks for reading the love letters,
    I appreciate your comments very much!
    your poems are amazing Kay keep it up.

  12. Kay, how true and well said! For some reason when the alarm fails to go off on time and we oversleep, the entire day seems to be in fast forward, punishing us for a few minutes extra sleep. Blessings, friend!

  13. The lady looks like she is on the verge of falling. I like your blog.

  14. Beautiful piece of note. It's so true in my case.

  15. Hi Kay
    Loved this poem and how I can relate.
    Wonderfully expressed!


  16. yup!
    been there done that
    But I managed to apply lip gloss though...

  17. The flow of this poem is excellent.

  18. The pillowcrease line grabbed me sooo bad!!!! Nicely creating images with words!

  19. 'Resuming ... catch up all day.' My whole life is catch up! Great poem (again). Your choice in visual compliments too. :)

  20. I like the image of the pillow crease running down the cheek. It shows a lot. Brings a lot of feeling to me.

  21. I have been that person. ;-)

  22. Kay,
    Love the poem!! I can just see myself doing all that too, I'd say though, she is worried too much what others think...

  23. This is too funny. Not that I run late, but many times when I step outside I quickly do a check to make sure I have clothes on. I do not know why I do this. I have never gone outside naked before.
    Great post!

  24. You bet they're thinking that. They're all bent and knarled and worn with crying kids, barking dogs, and unpaid bills pulling at their cuffs!

    Oh to have drool pasted to my cheek!

  25. Kay - this is fantastic - I love the pillow crease - and I dream once a week about showing up to class naked. no one seems to notice - must say something about my physique. great poem.

  26. Kay, all most all your works are good:). And I seem to have no words except great good :P. I never knew ma vocab was so limited :P.

    PS- Can u like take out word verification?