Friday, October 30, 2009


i'm sorry if i push you away
i'm sorry if i say the wrong things
perceived as being hurtful
i'm sorry if i can not reciprocate
your thoughtful words, actions
in a conventional way
i'm sorry if i have not let my
past love lay buried,
as your eager eyes long
to call me yours
i'm sorry if my old habits are hard to break
as independence and solitude
blanket my existence and compromise nonexistent
i'm sorry i am so stubborn and resistant
i'm sorry if i am not all that you had hoped
i could be for you, today
i'm sorry that i tell you to stop apologizing
for who you are and stand before you with
i'm sorry
as i require time to register and believe
what i feel is true,
untainted by your own emotions
i'm sorry if my cynicism burdens you
and i can not resonate your love
if you can be patient,
if you can give me time
i'm sorry will turn to
i love you
or you can just rip the band aid
from my wounded heart
and go
i'm sorry.


  1. Kay, its like you write what is in my soul. Thank you so much. It is so beautiful, sad and pointed right in the last line. Love across the pond

  2. aids hurt...
    patience in love lets it build...
    time will come...

  3. oh if they could just have patience, it is a virture and supposed to make people better.
    I love how you wrote rip the band aid from my wounded heart. WOW!! I think all men should read this one
    You are so wonderful. HUGS and SMILES

  4. You have just described a human being to a T: ok, perhaps veering slightly more towards feminine.

    Thoughtful. :)

  5. WOW! Kay, this is written from your heart!
    Beautifully expressed ... thank you for sharing ...


  6. Thoughtful indeed!! It is really good!!!

  7. So much wonderful and honest feeling to your work Kay. It is a part of today's human condition. However, it is all slowly changing. By seeing the issue through writings such as yours, the solution is near. It is only through feeling the pain fully, that we can be released and move beyond our suffering.

    Perhaps he needs to rip the band aid off and say he isn't sorry so that your heart can be exposed directly to light of day where the Love of All Life can be found.

  8. Hi Kay...that was great! I especially love the last lines, "or you can just rip the band aid
    from my wounded heart
    and go
    i'm sorry." Perfect!

    Have a Wonderful Halloween Weekend :)

  9. Not sure why I like this, but I do. Maybe too many romance stories.

  10. I don't believe I've ever read anything quite like this, and yet, it must be a common situation. Beautifully expressed, Kay.

  11. ..Kay, you just made me realise I need to be patient with the guy Im so hopelessly nuts about right now. Thanks! :)

  12. This is a beautiful, heartbreaking-but-hopeful poem, overflowing with spirit and soul. I love your writing, Kay. We are all of us wounded in some way, I think. Love & Blessings...

  13. Kay this is beautiful, but I don't think anyone should ever be so sorry for being true to themselves, no need to apologize for being do have such a wonderful way of using words for expression, a real gift!...Hugs

  14. but i am not sorry that i love you. :)
    the perfect ending huh?

  15. Your poem is beautiful because you are beautiful, and honest towards your feelings....and so whether he likes it or not im sending you my kisses. :)

  16. very moving. and true to how life can be... and ultimately, you can't be anyone but yourself.

  17. As a saying goes, you have to set love and if its meant to be it will return.

    Hugs, fab

  18. awww Kay!
    Love does do that sometimes!
    thanks for giving your heart for love.

  19. i'm sorry for being late in here... loved this piece of note! I kinda felt a confused yet calm way of conveying the throbbing message.

  20. Great poem. I can really relate to the "i'm sorry if i say the wrong things
    perceived as being hurtful".

  21. Ahhh....sorry Kay. Our poor hearts get so trampled and bruised, scared and calloused. Takes time for the heart to be pliable again, no? It is a beautiful man who accepts the band-aid, gives it kisses and lets it just wear off in the shower.

  22. Kay,
    Your words hit so close to home... We are who we are and we don't have to apologize. Life is full of tough choices. It's hard to find love and independence at the same time...
    My favorite:
    "independence and solitude blanket my existence"
    Great write!!

  23. kay if more people were this honest, many
    relationships would flourish instead of
    just evaporating in misunderstandings and
    holding back stances.

    please hop over to purplegoodyhood and accept
    an award.

  24. wonderful poem..

  25. Very touching poem. I'm grateful to Tabitha for recommending your blog. Lovely!

  26. This is so honest. You reveal so much in your writing which is difficult to do.

  27. Ohhhhhhhhh heart felt. Felt by my heart reading such. Lovely write, you.

  28. They say it seems to be the hardest word to say... Not for me, I guess.

    Beautiful poem, Kay!

  29. I really, really related to this one. Wonderful.

  30. I have issues with the word sorry.
    Its lost its strength from over use.
    You should never be sorry for the truth.