Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lone Angel

she sits alone
the world outside
straight from her lifeless body
an angel of sorts
to touch the lives of others
moving on
without a tear to shed
just the fond memories
of the girl who once was

passing through
passing by
not one to stay
through all the times
fondness in their minds
that is what she preys
they only think good of her
as she walks away

today she sits alone


  1. Very nice. Good picture choice too.

  2. "Not one to stay". I am so opposite this. Not one to go. To my own detriment I stay. Damned golden retriever I am. Sometimes, loyalty seems a curse. But then she the one leeched... I not feeling necessarily so.

  3. Hmmmmm......life has to be alone and i guess life to be alone makes yuh strong sme times....


  4. Your words are my excuses of being here, or are they??
    would you like to come and sit with me throwing flat stones, watching bouncing on the waters of a lake....

  5. truly alone is not a good place to be. lots of periferal friends but no one really there. this one was sad for me, maybe because i have been there.

  6. She sits alone while bloggers watch . . . and here I am commenting . . . beautiful!!! :)

  7. Hi Kay
    A bit sad but you I am quite sure many people could relate to this poem.
    Wonderfully expresed!

    Wishing you a joyful day, kay.


  8. Kay,
    Very nostalgic and a bit sad...
    We wouldn't be the peaople we are if we didn't experience our past...
    Your writing is very touching!

  9. No one should sit alone, unless by choice. The sadness expressed is all too real my friend and I am sure felt by far too many, so beautifully written....:-) Hugs

  10. If she is content in her "aloneness" then she's doing exactly what she wants to do... to touch the life of someone and move on. That's a precious gift...

  11. Today I sit alone too... I love your words :)

  12. Sad but beautifully so.

  13. Lovely but quite sad. Forgive me but I wondered whether it was a clever use of the word prey, instead of pray?

    Beautifully done:)

  14. Awww! Thats so sad :(.

    Beautiful too :).

  15. get! out! of! my! head!!! kay? this is just perfect. i feel i know this girl, she could well be me...

  16. Means many things for me ...'content', 'the girl who once was', 'she walks away'.

    'lifeless body'. Did someone die?

  17. You weave the words. I hear them in my heart. I see them in me. Sarah

  18. I feel as I am just a witness, watching the amusing madness of the world as it feeds pleasureably or relentlessly upon each other.

    No tears required in this strange dance.

  19. I'm all in with this picture....I love the ocean...let's us know that there is something bigger and great out there than just us!!!

  20. Hiya Kay, I see my own youth in my two boys. I now realize the passing of youth into maturity is a gift to parents as much as it is a ritual to adulthood. Its a cherrished gift to receive and hold dear as a parent. Don't be sad.

  21. Oh, Kay, this is so bittersweet and beautiful. I could feel the sadness in it, yet also a bit of hope. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Blessings, poet-friend!

  22. The singular samaritan, comfortable in solidarity. Gifting others seeking no reciprocity, quietly making a mark upon the hearts of humanity as she flits through life content yet alone. Beautiful musings.

  23. Kay, this is beautiful and sad too. I can feel the sadness of the girl, and yet, there is some hopefulness too as she touches lives of others with no request for return. When we become comfortable enough to sit alone with ourselves often life and the direction we must take become crystal clear to us.

    This was wonderful. Thank you for your words today.
    Hugs :D

  24. I really like your blog Kay
    looking forward to reading more :)

  25. Your words parallel my experiences - frightening sometimes! What a gift, Kay, what a gift.