Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have it

I have it
cupping it in my delicate fingers
grasping its aromas
fulfilling my inner need
of want and desire
placing it down for one moment
wanting it
wondering, do i have enough
am i prepared to go without
did i plan accordingly
for the time when it runs out
will i be left longing
wanting more
for this moment, i have it
pondering the moment when
i will no longer
do i consume it
or does it consume me


  1. in my opinion, very tricky and elusive, no one can pin you down as to what it means, reckon? I think you might guess, I like the style. :)

  2. Addiction. The push, the pull, still at the point where such self refelction is possible, but soon...there will be no text within the need, no rhyme, no reason but the hunger.

    Great writing. I loved it.

  3. do i consume it or does it consume me...good to ponder more on this! ps: Thank you for your kind words; means a lot to me & my baby! Lovely evening to you dear~


  4. Oooooh, I like this one, "do I consume it or does it consume me." That could relate to so many things in life. I feel the wanting, the maybe this is not right for me, the wanting...really cool! Great thoughts!

    Thank you for this :) Have a Beautiful Day, Kay!

  5. Kay,
    Wow! What a mind stirring piece which seems to be an existential paradox of some kind...
    I'd really think that if I HAVE TO consume it, IT will actually consume me as IT will control me and my desire... I think, I'd try to hold on to it as my little treasure...
    By far one of my favorites!! Excellent write!!

  6. very deep thoughts and like many others here I like the consume part. Have to ponder this a bit more for myself. Once again THANKS for sharing

  7. Very open-ended and therefore very thought-provoking. I enjoyed the read very much.

  8. The ultimate question. Do we have enough oil in the lamp?

  9. can we really plan for all eventualities? is enough today, enough tomorrow? mmmm, i don't have the answers either...

  10. Another wonderful write!!! I know that i can allow things to consume me, when we want something so bad, thats all we think about. Like shopping, we pick up those shoes, we really do not need another pair, so we put it down pick them up, and then the want consumes me and I end up buying them, maybe not even wearing them.
    with love, I feel, dersire's consume way to much, it controls.

    It`s much easier to consume the visual image than to read something

  11. We never always have "it" but the journey is what is important here. There will always be something you want some more of "it" perhaps "it" stops when life stops.....:-) Hugs

  12. sweet tension here -
    lovely insights and encouragement

  13. whew...i feel the the freedom in knowing i can do without? but what about the desire? great post!

  14. Dang, sounds like me trying to kick the cig habit, lol

  15. It's me again, just to let you know I laughed loudly at your comment dogs looked at me funny! xo*

  16. hmm.. that's something that runs into the mind of an addict, or it probably should..

    loved it... :)

    especially the last part.. do i consume it
    or does it consume me
    .. this was really good.. :) :)

  17. Kay, I could have written this one. I love the way your words just flowed like water poured seamlessly from a glass...Fabulous writing. Blessings!!