Thursday, August 20, 2009

Note to self: Loves Destination

If being loved were a destination,
then I would buy a ticket

An exotic foreign land to me
To be fully appreciated,
for who I am
flaws and strengths combined as one
to create the perfect human being to another
To be so fortunate to find the complemental one
of whom to share this life

If there were only a simple way to make things happen
Taking a trip straight into the arms of another
to save all the turmoil and avoid all the agony,
of mishaps and bad decisions along the way
maybe then I could find that sustainable relationship

Choosing men who are unattainable
Making that choice, because I choose me,
to love myself
with a shell of protection around
my mental storm
I am scarred, but if I were not,
I would love to be loved wholly by another
No games to be played, or convenient ways,
just pure and simple love

So many souls stand alone;
they stand alone-together-because it is safe
Safe knowing what to expect,
because you are in control,
of your emotions, your mind,
your money, your matters
When you love yourself,
how can you possible trust another
With the most valuable and precious thing you have?
Or so I tell myself, a sheet of comfort.

Some say this desire is attainable
This life of love happens everyday
Just check your baggage at the gate
and let love find its way
But I have lost my faith
Faith in the good of people

To be loved full heartily,
if it were a destination,
I would surely buy the ticket

one way, no return.


  1. Kay, I love this, absolutely love this.

    I remember being in that land, the one without ticket.

    Love is attainable. It does happen but not every day. And even then, the road is not as well laid as some would suggest. But to open your door, to allow it in, there is such a sweet filling. The trust is perhaps that hardest thing.

  2. such a touching write. You put it so beautifully to love oneself, protecting ourself, trust is hard to find,I think this to me is your best.. But then all of them are GREAT.. excellent..SMILES

  3. Beautiful words, I believe that you can and will find that "kind" of love while still loving happened to me!
    Be true to yourself, know who you are and what you want, define yourself and suddenly the match will arrive. The road to the destination will be bumpy at times but oh so worth the ride.
    Have a great day Kay.....:-) Hugs

  4. Kay,
    Great reflections, beautifully written! We do protect ourselves and that’s natural. Without opening our hearts and taking chances though… we may not find it.

  5. You know, my feeling is that when things are right you do let go a little, you do let people in. For the longest time I didn't, and then one day I just did. And weirdly, it was easy.

  6. Hmmm. I have vascilated between this need to protect, and throwing arms open to embrace. I prefer to take the highs and lows, the hurts and the cherished moments,over living in the colorless inbetween. Sometimes protection can create an absence of both hurt and ecstasy. It's rare you get one without the other. Buy the ticket Kay, and trust there will be a destination.

    Feeling your hurt and frustration here. ((Hugs))

  7. excellent piece. every other day i have the love you write about and desire, and then reality smacks me in the face, and i realise that, once again, we are 2 people with 2 views, opinions, perceptions, and then i wonder if love like that is even possible... 'til i wake up the next day to laughter and sunshine and i say 'of course'... and so the cycle continues....

  8. Do you have any idea of the power of your words? amazing.. thnx

  9. Love just doesn't come easy. But the more we work for it, the more we will appreciate it once we have it.

  10. I'd say love is an exotic land--except I live in it every day so I wouldn't call it exotic anymore--I'd call it a firm foundation for everything else that seems more exotic.

  11. Beautiful poem. I love it! Are sketches here your work? Impressive! :)

  12. wow.. those were some beautiful words with a lot to convey..

    well, I haven't yet bought the ticket.. hope to do so soon.. n that'll definitely be a one-way ticket ;)

    beautiful! :)

  13. beautifully of yourself comes first...may you find your ticket when the time is right....

  14. best opening ever. and delivers. Bravo!

  15. Love means different things to different people; I learned that much. You manage to capture it all and say it beautifully.

    By the way ... turmoil. That's what it means to me. :) Funny how the word turmoil makes me smile.

  16. It's so nice to meet another Kay. You have such a beautiful blog. Your poetry is absolutely beautiful and thoughtful. You are an amazing writer.

  17. I am liking how the beginning and end, kind of mirror each other. I like how your words written provoke, thoughts in my brain too.Good write; you.