Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2:00 am

It is 2:00 am,
the night owl perches his broken wing
upon my window sill
Big, hollow eyes peeking in
Blinking morse code
‘let me in, let me in,
I can fly no longer’

It is 2:00 am,
I am the night owl,
perched with a lonely heart
upon the edge of my bed
Big, empty eyes peeking out into the darkness
Blinking morse code
‘let me out, let me out,
I can hide no longer’

It is 2:00 am,
they look towards one another
to find the meaning
in this chance encounter
Both broken, both yearning
One seeking shelter
One longing for flight
It is here at 2:00 am
They find their answers


  1. Oh Kay, I feel so much pain and many unanswered questions in this haunting poem It's so beautiful and expresses a heart of loneliness. Be kind and gentle to yourself my friend..........:-) Hugs

  2. Dear Kay, being so limited in my English I do borrow Bernie's word this time. Haunting with so much pain.
    Mill of hugs across the pond.

  3. Hey there. The first blog I have had time to visit for a while and I'm glad I chose yours ... Beautiful as ever :0)

  4. i feel longing, longing for answers... the repetition of the 2 a.m. is excellent.

  5. Been both...seeking shelter, seeking flight. And so it goes, the ying and yang, the push and pull. We are never stagnant and after the lonely, when you no longer are, it will be bigger than if lonely did not sit on your bed and kick your bedskirt once in awhile. Hope it doesn't last long.

  6. this touched my soul deeply, the photo sets the tone of your write, I feel this was written from deep within, I to like the repetition to the 2a.m. ,, :} to YOU

  7. Did you do the drawing, too?

    Good poetry comes from the heart, and this is good poetry. Written from loneliness? We are a crowded planet but empty hearts, aren't we?

  8. Kay,
    I had a wave of emotions going through me when I was reading line after line. So much conveyed here!! Excellent writing!!

  9. Really lovely, Kay. So poignant and cleverly done as well. Is that Athena, with her owl, sitting on the crescent moon?

  10. you code your profile with words, your words code your thoughts. These are great. You allow people to see themselves without them seeing you... I think,,,,:)

  11. hauntingly beautiful!
    Perfect illustration for the post~

  12. ok so everyone else is saying haunting..so..your words beg questions...amny have unanswered.

  13. This is beautiful.
    This is the way I like to narrate things, from either ways and then from a third angle. The expressions though simple are very effective.
    One of the best poems I have read till date, and no doubt, your blog needs some serious following and blog rolling, both of them I am happy to do!


  14. Luv this!

    .... and this fellow nightowl answers your call with the echo of a *hoot*. ;)