Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry

I try every day

Guiding my head to overtake my heart

Pulling on the heart strings

This way and That

The balancing act of a life time

Redirecting the attachment

In an upstream motion

Even my head, be of a trickery at times

Telling me it is okay

Validating invalid actions

Allowing my heart to be free

I tell myself over

No, this can not be

I am sorry

I am trying


Sometimes my heart

Overturns my head

Sometimes my head deceives me

I seek for the strength day after day

And, still, I can't help but

Love you.


  1. My head be of a trickery also at times. Sometimes you wonder which actually has the greater pull...heart or head, and is it the same for everyone, or do some of us give one or the other more weight. Nice post.

  2. Heart has lesser pull as one advance through age i suppose
    gr8 poem as always

  3. This poem could be called Life, it is what it is and always changes from one day to the next, it is not what happens in one's day that matters, it is how we react to the change, will it be with your head, your heart or's your choice, always in your power for you to decide.
    Have a wonderful day my friend...:-) Hugs

  4. So very true, and so very much life as Bernie said. My struggle between head and heart led to some very challenging decisions... Great writing.
    Hugs to you

  5. Its so true...this is honest work!!!

  6. Im more head over heart ... funnily enough.

    I just wish my head was more clued up. lol

    I like your line
    'Sometimes my heart
    Overturns my head'

    It's nice when that happens.

  7. Beautiful and painful at the same time...

  8. This is officially my second favorite Kay poem, after the one about the lioness and her lover. "Validating invalid actions." I love it. My heart does what it wants, and keeps on doing it, against all evidence and no matter how long I make it sit in the corner to think about what it has done.

  9. There is a battle, to be sure, and sometimes not just between the two, but inside of the two also. Makes for confusing times.

    I like to tell my head to be quiet...

  10. the games our head and our heart play can be over whelming, tiring and dangereous.

    kinda like playing head games . love this write
    love them all

  11. this is great..I can sooo relate, good stuff!!

  12. Such a mesmerizing introspective poem..
    I really loved it..

  13. Interesting piece. Thank You!

  14. Such nuisance it is made to be :)

    But I liked the tapestries of everyday life shared here.

    And the picture is hawt.