Sunday, August 9, 2009


Do you know the feeling?

you are looking, searching
high and low
for that important key
of which you can not leave
retracing your steps of when
you last held it
used it
the key to get in
the key to escape
where has it gone?
without it you could not be here
perhaps you are meant to stay...


  1. Beautiful words of a beautiful soul. Kay, once again your words a deeply moving. Know the feeling far too well. Thanks for sharing. Hugs across the pond

  2. Hi Kay

    Good read.
    We all are trapped somewhere.....its sad but true.

    Cheers and check out my blog.

  3. I really like this, thanks for posting it.

  4. You got some good stuff. Loaded with emotion and imagery. Love it.

  5. Nothing is ever static indefinitely. Traps, temporary.

  6. Happened to me just the other day...LOL
    Thank goodness trapped is temporary....really beautiful picture and post!

    Have a Wonderful Day!

  7. There is always a reason to keep a spare ... In emotional and physical life ... and if all else fails, check under the sofa!! ;0)

  8. Hi Kay,
    Love this one!! Trapped... one of the feelings most difficult to bear... your words made me feel like it was me screaming: let me out!... Very touching!

  9. Kay, another beautiful poem but it breaks my heart that anyone should feel trapped....but this poem is real as you have described so many people in our world today. Many blessings my young friend and I so enjoy your wonderful gift of writing.....:-) Hugs

  10. maybe for the time being, but not forever...

  11. sometimes I cant find something, because i hold it too tightly in my grasp. good post.

  12. feeling trapped many times over and over, after all the searching seems in vain, we find the key, on longer trapped, until the next time.. one again lovely write. SMILES

  13. I always like the symbolism behind this humble are a thoughtful & sensitive writer~
    Lovely week to you~


  14. i hear your heart, and it sings beautifully.

  15. I think keys appear in the strangest of shapes. Sometimes it's up to us to fashion our own keys. I don't think anyone is meant to be trapped. Do you, really?

  16. Kay! I could perfectly relate this lost key to the women in my life. They were the key transforming me into an utopia; they were the lost keys, in different instances of my life, tethering me to the sorrows.

    You succeeded to express yourself :)

  17. What a beautiful sentiment and I fully understand.


  18. I used to teach with a girl who was always losing her keys. The psychiatrist told her it was very Freudian, very sexual!

  19. Life is so dynamic...even when we feel trapped we truly aren't. But we all feel that stagnant sense sometimes. This too shall pass, no?

  20. So true. We're always searching for that elusive key that will unlock the doors that we think will save us.

  21. this poem trapped stole my breath for a minute,
    kay. hmmmm...maybe we find the key when we
    can handle the experiences that await beyond
    the door. hmmm... I wonder can there be such
    a thing as benevolent captivity.

    kay, please join in on the fun - prettypurple's
    erotic Five throw down - rsvp.

  22. Very nice writing, Kay, and the picture finished the thought.

  23. Very stong !!, the search is one that many encounter (ed).. thnx for the read

  24. Ohhhhh yes, girl... I feel ya!

    Trapped indeed, I'm a bird in a lil gilded cage. =/