Friday, August 7, 2009


I refuse to stand around and wait
For you to wake up
To fully appreciate the love,
that I am
I refuse to be patient,
any longer
You Say You Love Me
show me
with actions
Not Words
show me you care
Not with Kissessss
but motives
Not with excuses
but Involvement
At once I was complacent,
No longer
I, now, am Me
as I once I was...
without thee.
Stop talking.
Show me,
let it be.
What it is
I am alone.


  1. I have been this piece...after 24 years of marriage to have become rather invisible, a piece of furniture. However I finally pushed for me, as the woman in your post, and the wheels are turning. Better now. I keep fighting.

  2. I find your words to almost be haunting yet so matter what time of life one is in it is so important to find "Me" When one accepts and nourishes oneself they are rewarded with acceptance and oh that is so it is followed by peace and contentment......:-) Hugs

  3. damn right. i feel exactly the same!

  4. Very powerful! Beautiful expression. You go, Girl!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  5. I love it!
    Call 'em out!
    if you have to.

  6. I guess everyone in love, feels like this at least once...or to be proper..i'd say everyone in love has a right to feel like this..

    God bless ya girl..for writing this one..

  7. Brilliant words and so true for all of us...Have a happy weekend, xv.

  8. great write, I think we all need to print this one and make sticky notes of it and post them around the house, TY for making me feel good about ME.. I will roar. damm right

  9. oooh...How I can relate!
    Lovely weekend dear~
    ps: enjoy reading your posts!

  10. Powerful words written so well!! "Respect me" immediately comes to mind. Very inspiring!

  11. it's good to let the flow of expression just take over at time

  12. What raw emotions and words expressed in this piece. I think the photo accompanied with this poem also conveys loneliness and longing. I also feel like there is some triumph in this piece and courage to move forward.

  13. this makes one feel they should be more "aware".. very strong..

  14. Takes time for many of us to learn it, but love is action.