Sunday, August 23, 2009

Relating Evolution

as the oceans are calm
lit by the effervescent lighting of the sun
rising and falling
creating the backdrop of a serene
moment in time
where on-lookers stop for a moment
to appreciate this passing
of which will never be the same

they look toward
the happy couple
with beauty and grace of which
bodies aligned naturally
in tune with one another
easing closer
with a comfortable silence

look beneath the surface of that same ocean
the habitats striving to exist
pollutants of the world around
adding pressure to survive against
against rivals and food chains
a once smooth surface
hidden within
the whirl tide of existence
that shall prosper
recreating its evolution
so much more to be seen
to survive, below the surface

the happy couple
publicly pronounced as 'perfect'
innately surrendering to compromise
in a world where competitive boundaries
lay no more
battling the storms of rough tides
and bigger fish
they struggle to exist
as one
calm on the outside
with a whirl wind of life
recreating self to accommodate
bound with strength and confidence
in their imperfections

so, they too, sit with the public eye
observing the beauty of God's light
and know,
there is so much more below the surface
it is the understanding of acceptance
that makes it perfect
that makes it surreal
that makes it ever changing
giving life the strength to exist
in the beauty of this night
where on-lookers pause
in reflection
of evolution


  1. Like watching the sun set over the ocean ... this was just breathtaking.

    Sooooooo much under the surface.

  2. Kay,
    This one is stunning!! The content and the form. We, humans live the evolution on the surface, but under the surface there is so much for us to learn and respect. Brilliant!!

  3. I really love the form on this one as well. it was so easy to read and comprehend, to capture the moment, I think , as like the ocean, we all show visuals on the surface, sometimes we all need, wish, one can see what's below the surface, deep within, not just on top, down under..

  4. Absolutely breathtaking, Kay.

    You have created a masterpiece in this work! I love it!

    Thank You!

  5. Nothing nor anyone is search for perfection is to search for what is not there. Wonderful poem, beautiful sunset....:-) Hugs

  6. where on-lookers pause
    in reflection
    of evolution


  7. my amazement is buried NOT beneath the surface. :)

  8. Gosh, "So much under the surface" is a reference I used to explain the unknown to my kids when we went fishing. Thank you for taking me back to those great and wonderous days.


  9. the happy couple
    publicly pronounced as 'perfect'
    innately surrendering to compromise
    in a world where competitive boundaries....

    awesome lines.. :)

    liked the work in totality.. :)

  10. too many thoughts entwined into my mind after reading those lines ... wonder what must be there in you head, when you wrote this .. all n all superbly and gorgeously worded !

    Keep writing, and I'm following you so that I don't miss your posts !

    Gimme a visit too : In love with me and life

    WOuld love to have you in followers and my posts' comments :)

    Take care !

  11. I really like this piece. Lots of layers going on here. The food chain and evolution theme works well with the struggles of a human relationship. Nice one.

  12. awesome how you tie in the entire universe.
    reminds humans to look beneath the surface
    - what makes us possible - feeds us - gives
    us beauty, and beneath the surface of
    relationships - intelligent poem kay.

  13. Aww!! you write so well....
    Beautifully described nature... :)

  14. "Two lovers entwined pass me by/ and heaven knows I'm miserable now." (Morrissey)

  15. Aptly put. Nothing is perfect. No-one. The greatest beauty lies in the acceptance and the allowance of growth and change.

  16. Simply beautiful.
    I love what Wine and Words said -- that the greatest beauty lies in the acceptance and allowance of growth and change.

    You've got some talent, K!

  17. Lovely, just lovely. And that photo captures the spirit so wonderfully!

  18. This is a stunning poem and wonderfully crafted...moving words. Thanks for sharing!!

  19. your excellent...i mean your posts has a lot of meaning. Its deep and yet simple. Life is all about this. I think u really analyse things differently than what most do.

    great blog....never stop writing!!! i look forward to see more of your work...cheers!!

    take care

  20. thnx for the comment. I just didn't want people to read "hatefullness" Kinda sounded that way to me, after I wrote it. lol

  21. This is excellent. I really enjoyed reading this.