Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blank Pages

Blank is the sheet in front of you
Blank is the mind of which
To place thought into motion
Filling the lines
With nonsensical verbiage
To be moved forward
With unpredictable autism
The need to fill space
To fill mind, body and soul
To fill pages
With the timeline of life
Inevitably to be nonexistent
Those words, those memories
Dissipate along with you
Blank pages replaced
Blank pages continued
By the ones who precede you,
Succeed you
May the words never fail
May the blank pages unfold


  1. Oh, Kay, how beautiful. Feels so good to read it after my first day in therapy.So fitting. Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Kay,
    You covered all aspects of our existence including our passing. Beautifully said!!

  3. you fulfill the blank pages of my book.Your words never fail. Wonderful write.. :}

  4. This beautiful, Kay. Those blank pages! You describe so well the needs we have to fill them.

    Thank you so much for joining my new blog and for reading my way too long poem ;)

  5. This explains why I often choose to write on the backc of used envelopes... so much less daunting than those blank sheets. :)

  6. Thanks for this poem. Very beautiful and a little haunting for me.

    It seems a little ironic that in the past week I blogged twice about ideas appearing on the blank slate of my mind.


  7. I write on post-it notes. I'm not kidding. They are stacked up inches high stacked up in little boxes of the exact size. I have little thoughts and random ideas here there and everywhere. I can't stand looking at a blank piece of paper. Post-its are my friends.

  8. And it is on a blank page that thoughts will germinate again, fresh, and unweighed with the weight of tomorrow.

  9. ooh, I love this one!! Kay, you amaze me.

  10. Enjoyable moments browsing through your blog. This one particulalry spoke to me today.
    Thank you.