Friday, July 17, 2009

Mockery of Love

You are mine, he says with giddy delight.

She replies, but that can not be! You see that woman, the one by your side from the years of time past? She claims stake of your heart, rumor has it she says it is hers!

Mistaken you are! I am a free and single man. No one marks my fate, but I!

But if you call me yours, and I call you mine, you would not be free, alas, I would suppose to capture your heart and your eyes to see none other but my own! What then, would you not be in despair, no longer free to venture?

Ah, yes! This women of whom you previously spoke, she has made the same inclination! Many times over, moon, sun and earth, no sense does it make! For what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine. I give no keep sake!

Well, then, I really must be going, as I know this dreary road! Thank you for your lesson, I think there has been a terrible mistake…

Don’t go! How heartless of you! To just walk away, after I profess my love, after so much time! No shame, have you woman? I said! I love you! You are mine! Is it possible you are that cold?

Me? I am cold? No, I dare say, not! I am love, pure and good, intentions only of sweet. But I claim one man, and he must in return claim only one woman-me!

Oh! Well, you are mistaken, as I claim only one! There is only you and me!

But what of the other(s)? Are they now gone?

Oh, yes! They are my present history, you, my dear lady are my future! The universe has aligned and brought us together! Mark my word I am the best at all that I do, and loving you will be among them!

Well, what flattery you bring, kind sir! However, I will require time, your time and attention, not gifts and adornments in the secret of night…. What say you to that?

How dare you profess that I commit so much! You ask me to guide you in the streets for all to see, parading you around as an ornament to my single life! I can not have this, and you must accept this!

Ah, but I can not; I must be going, to find a new path. The universe has misled us and our paths should not have crossed, I fear the universe cruel to have guided me to you, leaving me in self-doubt, as thus far I have believed your lies…

There are no errors in the skies! The Gods have brought you to me, and we shall be together! And spare me tales of lies spoken, I merely tell you what you like! It is for you in mind, to protect you!

And what say her, the one who claims your heart? Does she know you love another?

Well, she is a constant and will always be there, you must understand!? She will be the one to walk by my side, and you will be the one to comfort me. She need not know, I would not want to hurt her!

Oh! How daring you are! The audacity to assume this is acceptable! The delight of which you find in the trivial pursuit of your own selfish gain! I believe you to be ill!

Ah, but I am man. I am success. I get what I want, when I say. Come now, let’s go, hold me for a bit, then leave me to my own devices and return to me in three days time.

That’s it then? I just accept this small portion of which you offer? I am obliged to be obedient and nurturing to your needs, and place my own aside?

Ah, my love, you understand now! How great it is to know that you are not as ignorant as at once I thought! Come now, lets go, this talking is so tiresome, come and hold me dear love, time is running short.

May I make one request, one that you must honor?

So long as no engagements, weddings, or announcements are made, I will grant you one!
That is how much I love you!

I must hear from her, this other woman, and her blessings of our being together. Have her call me, and once she does, if all is well, I will come to you straight away. If you have been deceiving, well then, it was good knowing you, kind sir.


Anxious for the return of love.


  1. Lovely note..


  2. Good that she didnt go being abused. Smart girl! Hugs to you.

  3. huh? how can he use and believe his own argument????? well written, kay!

  4. For what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine. I give no keep sake!
    gotta love this line.. smiles.. welcome back we have missed your postings. lovely writing. Wish I had your talents.. hope your computer behaves.. does it not know what is yours is yours LOL

  5. what a process, you go Kay!
    keeping weaving your tapestries - this is lovely!

  6. Eyes wide open and walking away free without an added burden to weigh down the soul.
    Only the blind see no evil as deaf ears can't hear the lies but you didn't speak no evil here.
    Great post

  7. Very smart move on her part! The story is an eye opener... A man who can not commit to "one" is not worthy her attention. Very good read!
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Kay, I'm laughing at all of his pomp! You wrote it well. Enjoyed it tremondously!

  9. You got spunk,, and a silver tongue,,