Monday, July 20, 2009

Blissfully Unaware

Deep in the shadows
The cracks
and holes
Lies the secrets
Of every sorrowful

Enclosed by mothers blessings
You are oblivious
To your surroundings
The darkness leering at your feet
Head turned up
To the cloudless sky

Watching the wonders
Of the world going by
Distant and obscure
To the significance of
The cockroaches scurry
Baring no armes
Unprotected by faith alone

Life grasps the opportunity
To swoon you in it arms
Guided along
Through the flower fields
And mountain top views
Blissfully fulfilled
In moments of destruction
Where your smile stands
The shadows exist among you


  1. this detachment, be it intentional or unconscious is really lovely.
    i love the existence of shadows!
    how the unprotected keep moving, we are the world

  2. I wish I were better at deciphering poetry but then again that is the whole purpose right?...I'm such an oxymoron...

  3. WOW love this write. I get so many emotions from this one, the one I chose was to let myself be in the field of flowers on the mountain top , ( coming from a place where there are many mountain tops I am a sucker for them, I find serenity on top ) letting the simple pleasures of mother nature wrap me wth all her beauties, allowing her to carry my woes. not sure if this is what you felt when you wrote this piece, just my take.. Great writing. SMILES

  4. Beautiful poem, though not much of a poetry lover. But some day I hope I can appreciate it better.
    Over from David's. Congrats for nomination to POTD.

  5. the picture goes so well with your words. thanks for taking us along on your journey. congrats on the POTD mention.

  6. Congrats on the Post of the Day Award!

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing and congratulations on your well deserved award!


  8. Beautifully expressed, Kay.

    It is in the shadows that life finds its bearings, keeping company in badly lit corridors, leaving one alone at the first hint sunlight. And as quickly ttaching to oneself at the first hint the sunshine is behind us.