Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day
I thought I would be with you
In this sea of love, captivating
You were everything I should not have
Strong and distant, mentally unstable, as I
The bond between us of a unique kind
Your lips to mine, in the street,
Stirring heartfelt emotions fathomed
Uncontrolled, consistent smile as I walk away,
You stayed with me, long after we were parted
There in my mind, my heart and emotions
Excitement built, where repetition lay
The constant of my daily existence
Love abound, so deeply felt
Hard to remember each moment may be our last
I would have held you longer,
Should I have known?
I would be holding you now
As I would not have let go
Alas, the future was untold
And opportunity has passed,
The strings no longer pulling me back
Stubbornness streak has set in
Choosing to let love stand
In the memory box, tucked away in my heart
Comparable you will be for the present
Each new person, shall have great expectations to meet
Unfairly you have set the standards high
And I remind myself daily, that our time has gone by
The void I must fill, it is only temporary
Each day will be easier, each moment more tolerable
Soon I will laugh; soon you will be a distant memory
In place of the constant void of this unscripted life
I miss you.


  1. Oh, Kay, just today I do miss "my" man ever so much. You speak form deep of my heart. Thanks for sharing. I find comfort and relief in wour words

  2. Kay, this is a beautiful expression of love and loss...thank you for this.

    Your picture is so pretty too...matches perfectly your words.

  3. Kay,
    Very touching, your words touch so deep... they convey pain and hope too. I like:

    "soon I will smile".

    Great write!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Missing someone can be such an aching, bittersweet emotion, can't it?

  5. you've taken a picture of one of my memories today.. exquisite!

  6. yes, i miss you so...
    this is truly marvelous post,
    i really get a strong resonant feeling from the read.

  7. I love the way you went through this, with a few streaks of positives in the end.. missing someone special is one of the toughest phases of life and anyone who goes through with a smile is certainly brave.. this one was truly touching..the emotions it aroused in me will stay with me through the day.. thank you for writing this one..

  8. wow - this is great, thank you

  9. first of all the photo is awesome. So many wrods in this write are touching. This one brings me back to missing that special someone." Hard to remember each moment may be our last
    I would have held you longer "