Sunday, December 27, 2009


Reflections in the air
each sunrise, sunset
casts a glow
of memories
not yet forgotten
an empty shell
eager to be filled,
set upon
the waters edge
searching for reverence
compromise, unyielding
as you blow away
each memory box
each day,
each night
a reminder
close your eyes,
little one
let strength in vulnerability
seek not the answers
nor the demise
but lavish in the existence
of emotion


  1. KAy, how very beautifl. "Lavish in the existence of emotions" blessed are those you can, have access and enjoy them.
    Good to hear form you. Hugs

  2. 'Lavish the existence of emotions' the bets line :). The whole poem is so so wonderful.

    Belated Merry Christmas... i hope you had an awesome day :)

  3. I wish you could have a star,not just one but galaxies of them.....
    i'm not a star
    but i can still offer you the little light that glows in my lamp......
    You can come and have it whenever you want it, Your taking it will only beautify me.

    So fill'nt emptiness not made for that!

    How much you teach me, Kay....and so much i have to learn, especially when these comes not through the books but through the silences, a smile, a touch of the hand!

    Whatelse can be love other than this which sustains us when nourishement is meaningless otherwise!
    i hope yhis year will open the unexpected....but whatever it might be, i wish them all to be filled with grace and love!
    May such a blessing shower upon you!
    a wonderful 2010 to you, Kay!

  4. Emotion is best viewed from a slight distance, for this often gives us a truer picture.

  5. lavish in the existence...sometimes it is better to do that than to try and figure it all out...nicely done kay. how were your holidays?

  6. I have to agree with most so far, what a lush line.

  7. Amen sista. We may wear different Nike's but we've gone down the same path, I think.

    May I join the chorus in loving that line about emotion? I come from a family where a raised eyebrow is a wild emotional display, and so emotional me never fit in. But i wouldn't be any other way; I want to experience and feel all that comes my way.

  8. Lavish in the existence of nice, sounds so relaxing doesn't it. Of course, my emotions are rarely relaxing. But going with the flow can't be any less traumatic, so why no give it a go!

  9. Beautiful words and beautiful picture! Meryy holidays to you!!!

  10. To explore, understand and accept our emotions is such a gift.....I always find taking the time before a response really serves me well. I do hope you had a wonderful holiday Kay and this New Year will be one of your best...:-) Hugs

  11. ... lavish in the existence of emotion ...

    So wonderfully expressed,
    thank you!

  12. "let strength in vulnerability ... rise"

    That's lovely enough to be an eulogy or a birth announcement. Preferably both. Beautiful.

  13. Kay,
    Love your words and so agree that vulnerability IS a strength!! Right on!! You always come up with great surprises for the reader/me !!

  14. If only more people could realize that, as well as the poem evoked it...

  15. Awesome poem and I must love every line not only the 'lavish' one...

    Seen you here and there in other people's blogs, commenting, but never had the pleasure to visit you. Now am so glad I did come- to stay... Be happy girl!

    Smiles ;)

  16. strength & vulnerability = great attractive combo*

  17. That's very beautiful, someone should make a blog poem book


  18. I love this part....sunset

    casts a glow

    of memories

    not yet forgotten


  19. I really enjoyed how "let strength in vulnerability rise" gives way to
    "lavish in the existence of emotion"

    lavishing vulnerability seems like something very magical and powerful!
    Thanks Kay for this beautiful image!

  20. Kay,

    This is just beautiful! Keep writing!!!

  21. Beautiful work.
    Happy New Year!!


  22. lavish in the existence...

    poetic genius

  23. Like everyone else, I love that last line.

  24. I like the balance of the poem it kept my interest equally all the way through.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Tom Bailey

  25. Absolutely beautiful!!!!