Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love You

'I love you too,' I reply, 'how often must we say it...?'
'Not enough,' you smile, kissing my tender spot
'....but, how often must we say it,
for it to come true?' 
'I love you.'


  1. Kay, I can never be told "I love you" often enough......these are my favorite 3 words to say or hear always....hope you hear them loud, clear and often my friend.......:-) Hugs

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  3. (Sorry, about the previous comment deletion)

    'I love you', how much I love to say those three words, and it's true that by saying them one does not love more, but the so very nice feeling you get as you say them heals the soul...

    I love this post, Kay.


  4. say it a hundred times and it never gets old...believe it, yes i do.

  5. A universal truth, profound,
    'tis love that makes the world go round -
    or should be, if we silence head
    and put our heart in charge, instead.

  6. I never get tired of hearing or saying "I love you." It's the gift that keeps on giving. Wishing you love and blessings!!

  7. Its hard to speak these 3 magical words but once spoken u love to hear them every now n then. I am waiting for someone to give me a reply. May u hear this as much as u wish..


  8. As often as I truly feel it. Hugs to yu

  9. Say it as many times as u ur loved one.

    Cheers Kay.

  10. it is true if the person saying it knows where your tender spot is.

    and it is true simply because it is just what it is... love.

  11. I wondered how I was going to find you again!!

  12. Kay, welcome to my blog, thank you for following. About those words "I love you", sometimes I like to hear the last word accented a little, as in "I love YOU!"

    But in any case there is NO "too many times" for this. However, "I love you" can be just words, or those words can be accompanied by actions which prove the words, validate them, make more OF them.

    Blessings (another form of "I love you"???)

  13. I have to admit I say I love you all the time but I mean can we define love...I don't know I just feel it!

  14. I readily agree with Dulce here. I feel it every single time I tell it to my love, Annie. So does she.

  15. Say it. Say it say it say it. Even if you think I know it, say it anyway. Or you're out.



  16. Kay,
    Oh,... so sweet!! There is never to much "I love you's".

  17. I dont think its how often as it is...

    coming true with each kiss....

    love it...

  18. Hearing these words can never get enough.... It can go on and on for me....

    Thanks for your comment on my post. It made me smile! :)

  19. Kay these words make my day, it begins my year, how small this universe would be without say it Kay, with words, kisses, with touches, looks, changes the face of the world, my world, your world.....we must say it more often, mindfully, with reverence, gratitude......and allow the beauty of it to invade all over....

    Thankyou Kay for reminding me.... what makes the tiniest atom live......and most of all Kay, 'i love you'.....may it show you the gift of being a human being as you do show it so shine my dear Kay shine .....