Friday, January 8, 2010

Fallen Pride

she stands tall
on top of the world
a tierra of pride
placed upon her crown
long nights and aching hours
lost oppurtunities of love, friendship
all paid off
she speaks eloquently, diligently
thankful of the acknowledgment of a lifetime
goals beget goals
success insued
she descends her platform,
prideful, graceful
thousands watch in awe
how fortunate she must be
head held high, smiling
one step in front of the other
down the stairs
one, two, three, four...
bottomed out
many rush to help her
yet she rises, gleefully
laughing at self
looking at the gasping audience
she takes her bow


  1. Masterpiece of pride... You are really good dear Kay...
    In answer to your question > Yes, I do (more than I think they deserve) ;)

  2. The rise and fall. Nothing left to do but get back up.

  3. I feel conflicted about this one, Kay. She is prideful and isolated. I'm thinking not any accolade is worth long nights and aching hours. It is in the hours, in the ache, in the moment, and perhaps the shared moment, if we are so lucky, that real value is determined. Maybe that's why you had her fall on her ass? Tell me.

  4. Kay, I thought of the beauty pageant a year or so ago where a lady fell and the press and officials etc. made such a big deal about it. So what? We all fall, literally and in other ways. Fall can bring our pride down to size, remind us we are human, and teach us to be more careful. Am I reading too much in to your poem?

    As you know, I am a minister, and most of my work is with people who fall; the rest is with people who fall but don't think they do!

    This is one of my favorite of your poems.


  5. Ok, roles and choice. I get it. Thanks for taking the time to explain - and fer reading more.

  6. Ah this is a good one my friend, this poem includes all of many times have our chest swelled with pride only to be pricked and deflated in days if not know Kaye I have leaned more from my falls than I have learned frommy pride.....have a great weekend ...... :-) Hugs

  7. This is so pure, Kay. The thing of it is...we all fall ass over teakettle at some time or other if we live long enough. The important thing is to get up, brush off our wounded pride and keep on keeping on. Here's a Japanese proverb I recently read: "Fall seven times, stand up eight." Love & Blessings, my poet-friend!

  8. I see confidence, optimism and willingness in this one. Nice one Kay!

  9. Yes...I am a "faller" guy, trip over everything. And I fall also the other ways. Funny how FALL and FAIL are so close. But when I get back up, I know FALL and FAIL are far apart.

    Thank you, you are amazing!

  10. Kay,
    We all fall one time or the other... You showed us how to do it with grace!! She is who she is without carrying what others think. What a great tribute to confidence!!

  11. oh to smile at the bottom of those nicely done...

  12. Loved it. Did not like her, but then did. It was the end that caught me and changed my mind to like her after all. I appreciate those who rise when fallen.

  13. WOW!
    this is all i could say..

  14. Paints well the moments of falling and rising. Lovely Kay.

  15. Clumsy cow! LOL!

    Oh, um, I meant, how awful for her. Poor thing!

  16. Had to post on this one. Really lovely. You should enter it somewhere. Go to P&E.


  17. And we are most humble, and most adored, and most appreciated, when we are able to laugh at ourselves. That is how life becomes bearable, when we can laugh at ourselves, at our falls. Excellent!


  18. It's necessary to laugh even when we fall~
    Great weekend!

  19. Masterful piece of work. A commentary between the lines that often go unnoticed.

  20. an inspiring poem...I felt a surge of
    positive vibes while reading this.

  21. This gave me a grin. Must be my weird self this morning,, lol.. You bust your butt, you get up and hammer away. Or at least that is my mind set from this.

  22. When you fall there is nothing to do but take a bow and get back up. Great post, Kay.

  23. I'm just singing in the rain...singing in the rain..beautiful as always

  24. I have so many impressions of this one...take a bow, Kay - you're so talented.