Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leave a Message at the Beep

thank you for calling
i'm sorry i missed your call
perhaps, once i am buried
i shall return
to avail
the remembrance of
'once was'
'could have beens'
until that moment
i wish you
to forget me not
restless nights
forsaken days
fulfilled with empty calories
binging on lost oppurtunities
lost words
never spoken
never forgotten
longing for the embrace
not easily replaced
an appreciation never mustered
boils up to fester
yet reaching out
you get this voicemail
best of luck to you
i know i've always been a dreamer
but, please do
leave a message at the beep...


  1. Pick uppppppppp, pick UP!!!!!!! ;-)

  2. i do hope there is a call back coming...smiles.

  3. I hope there is a message waiting... hugs!

  4. we all just want a message dont we?

  5. Great ! u have described it at fullest tone...


  6. The pic so much accentuates your words of apprehension. These days the heartache could be waiting to get hired as much as hearing from a new love or patching up a broken romance. The beeeep so much could be a tremble of fear of what has not happend yet, the call. Gosh I am compelled to say go out and be part of something, for your own sake, to take up your waiting time.

  7. Now here's an original message to leave for callers. Wouldn't that be cool! To leave a poem. Though people would possibly just laugh and think 'eccentric'.

    There seems to be a little disappointment in your poem. I never call men. Therefore no disappointments ... then again, explains why I am single ...

  8. Sometimes one should put their phone on call forward and other times one should just turn it off.....the nice part is we have a choice.
    Have a wonderful Sunday......:-) Hugs

  9. very strong leave me alone - but don't really - think I've felt this way a few ok tons of times. Sarah

  10. Oh, Kay, this poem tugs at my heart. It's full of melancholy, sadness and heartbreak. Screw the past! Look to this day and know that you are loved and treasured. Your writing is amazing, just like you. Love & Blessings...

  11. I love this, as much as all of your posts .... and, I would love you to do a guest post over at my blog ... let me know if you are up for it!!!!



  12. I agree with Sharon :0)

  13. this is great. mind if i put this on my machine????

  14. I must say, life has been so much nicer since we got rid of our land line. No beeps, no messages, no sales calls to sift. If you really need me, hit me up on the cell...

    Great poem. Loved the picture.

  15. Sounds omehow sad this poem, with a mixed message. Beautiful though. Hope you are ok. Hugs form this side of the pond. And how are the gingerbread houses are coming along?

  16. Hello! I love your work. I will have to come back and read more.

  17. To think that there are times when one cares about nothing but leaving a message.

  18. wow just lovely, and so true.. I hate when peeps call and do not leave a message.. Yet I would rather they call back and we can speak one on one..
    a sad poem of lost love, feeling alone, no one calling no one picking up.

  19. So many a time I have had this feeling!! And how beautifully you put it!

  20. Kay,
    Wow, such intensity of emotions in this piece!! Almost felt out of breath... Love the ending!!

  21. I spend a fair amount of time on the phone and I love this one. I am often on the phone as I am blogging and I was talking to someone as I was reading this. The connection was great. I liked the phone picture you choise as well.

  22. I love your writing because you nail human human so incredibly well!

  23. The picture is pervfect with this.

  24. LOL...Fantastic! Love the picture too :)
    I recently heard a woman say she put a message on her machine, "Hi, I'm not here. I'm busy making changes in my life. If I don't call you back, you're one of the changes. Beep!"
    Love it!

  25. I think I know the problem here, broken heart, whats really bad is when you go through it all and turns out you are the one that broke it.

  26. Such a heart throbbing poem... I just visualized the scene of a soul who is craving to hear the other side... Amazing!

  27. completely on target kay! how much time do
    we spend waiting for that certain message to
    validate us...hmmm.