Saturday, May 30, 2009


They walk hand in hand
As if being with each other
Is not enough
They reveal their
Their togetherness
For the world to see
In the embrace
Of fingers entwined
Shoulder to shoulder
In sync
Strolling down the street
Gazing up at tall buildings
Flowers and trees
Stopping to ponder the window shop
As one
Smiling with glee
She places her head on his shoulder
He wraps his arm around her
Gently drawing her closer
I observe from afar
The love of two figures
Simplistic gestures
For all to see
For me to witness
This intimate moment
Is that how love is supposed to be?


  1. Yes, kay, what is is supposed to be. Intimacy, passion and committment. Not gained easily nor quickly.
    Wonderfully expressed again. Kay, you humble me. Hugs across the pond. xx

  2. Very touching, this one. PDA, and I instantly thought of PDA phones, Kay. Ha!

    Nicely written! It is sweet and humble! Keep writing!!!

  3. Yes

    Great post.
    Two halves meld into one soul

  4. Oh how I love this post. The picture is priceless!, It is just how true LOVe should feel. This I enjoyed so much I read it 4 times, getting goosebumps, feeling Happy, Love, sighhhhh. :}

  5. I wish all PDA was this way LOL

  6. This is a lovely post.
    love is love, is love...
    But what is a kiss when all is said and done, a rosy dot over the "i" of loving...
    Once again, i love your mind!
    Oh, and The title did say Explicit version..Lol!
    I hope my poem didn't offend.

  7. oh yes! love your thoughts here.

  8. An interesting blog. I shall return.

  9. Very nice! I'll definitely stop by again.

  10. This is nice....likd it! thnx fr following my blog! :)

  11. Oh, so beautiful. And, yes, I think so. Two individuals that complete one another. Together in peace, harmony...Perfect!
    I love this!

  12. Bonjour !
    first time i come across your blog, so im gonan visit it now :)
    well if you wanna be inspired by my collage or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
    a bientot!
    Boubouteatime xx

  13. Yes, I think that is the way it is supposed to be. Very well written. I linked here from K's blog and have read several of your posts. You write some very interesting things.