Monday, May 4, 2009


Well he is there experiencing that with her,
I am here and experience this…
He says they are not together,
But I am the one kept a secret
She is the one by his side,
Accepting his accomplishments
When did I become so naïve?
When did I become so desperate?

How do I stop it?
After so long?
When demands are not met
When …..
He hurts me, without knowing
HOW have I become so naïve?

A single tear falls tonight
Just one
But there are more to come
As I feel them in my chest
My throat
My heart

Distractions of life are only good for
So long

He is there, she is with him
I am alone
What is the question?


  1. Strong writing, it gives the reader the impression of what it must feel like being the "other woman". Also gets you frustrated and cofused like the character. Thanks for sharing. All the best-LL

  2. your expression is intense and well done.
    sorry for this loss, but glad you are able to express

  3. Kay, I am so sorry for the situation you are in. I am glad you are able to express yourself. Getting rid of pain - at least for a moment. I hope the moments will become longer, linger longer, stretch to days, weeks... I am ever so grateful for having found your blog, your beauty in all this pain. As you are reading my blog you know that my relation had troubles, however I believed we would work it out. He convinced me he would work through his past and his action showed he would or so it seemed. Today I have learned that his past succeeded. I am afraid of nights ahead of me. Days without a future, no goal anymore. How could I become so naive? How could I believe when his life up to now proved differently. Thanks for being out there. Your pain and words make me feel heard too. Paula