Saturday, May 2, 2009


Deaths black darkness
calls me in
He knows and remembers
my every sin
His deep, harsh voice
like hallow winds
beckons my name
just to begin
soon He is thrashing
at my chest
rips out my soul
right from my breast
leaving me hollow
in a puddle of blood
soon I will be dead
because of the flood
powerlessly pushed farther
all truths of the lying tongue
of a wonderful, lighted greeting
deceiving helping hands
bound and depleting
Death tares at my flesh
mutilating my visions
I wait for Death to finish
but, alas, He does not rest.


  1. Thank you for being out there. Thanks for sharing. Your wiriting is inspiring and your comment on my blog was just exactly what I needed to hear. THANKS SO MUCH. Love, Paula

  2. the rhythm and rhyme, i was swept along.