Monday, May 4, 2009

Silly Woman Moment

So, tonight I had a funny experience and it made me think of my family, and how they would say "Yip, that's her" I thought I would share.

We had a Spring Dinner for some college kids tonight, not any college kids, but deaf college kids. I have been planning the event with Scott (one of the kids) for some time now, needless to say, I preferred the e-mail communications, but he insisted on coming in multiple times with multiple people to "discuss" the event.

Well, tonight was the big night! They were adorable! All of them with a "Punk, black-tie" look going on. It was amazing to watch, it felt like a silent film, as the music was playing and all 47 of them going to the bar, lounge, socializing in the Main Dining Room...the silence was so nice. :)

Anyway, Scott came to me early in the evening and informed me of one of the boys birthdays, I asked him to let me know who he was once everyone was seated. By the time they were almost finished with the entrees, I went to him and leaned down,

WHISPERING, I said, "Who is having the birthday?" He looked at me confused...??? What??? I mouth very slowly, again WHISPERING, "Birthday, who?"And he pointed to the boy sitting next to him...Way to go Me! Nice surprise for the Bday boy! Dumbass.

On that note, could you imagine living in a world of silence? (oh, how I would not have to listen to all the sirens outside my window, or the moaning and groaning of the staff....) But so many other things, would be so complicated.

For instance, tonight, lets say you wanted to talk to your girlfriend about the guy that you like sitting across the room from you....nope...he would "hear" every single thing you said....ugh....or the girl in the bad dress...nope....

Imagine if the whole world were silent and all public conversation was understood as long as you were in eye sight of each other? Wow...all of the nonsense we would eliminate....Anyways, it was a good night, and I can't help but laugh at myself....I mean, who whispers to deaf people, anyway????I guess I do.

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  1. What a very sweet thing to do, have a dinner for students. It would be terribly hard to be totally deaf. I am deaf in one ear and that is hard enough.