Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving Forward

You are not what I asked for
When I said I dreamt of love
You came to me
Consuming my loneliness
A temporary fixture for the lone

Drinking in the attention
Drunk from the lust
Conjuring a promise of fulfillment
Deceived by my own mind
I pictured a fairytale ending

Forgetting to look out for myself
When I handed you my heart
Trusting you to handle with care
Yet you hold it captive with contempt
As I sit in despair

What are you to me? I ask myself
Can I not take the upper hand?
When did love become so competitive?
Of who will administrate this desire?
Give it back! I say, in the name of tug-o-war

It is mine, my love to give
You took it for granted
No insight as to its value
Depreciated for life
As you spoiled its potential, give it back!

Scarred I will walk forward
As you hold my heart
An empty shell
To fill the void of space
In front of me
thoughts go out to you, dear Paula, you are not alone.


  1. What an awesome first line...very strong-
    "You are not what I asked for when I said I dreamt of love". True words that too often occur.

  2. I agree, Lorenzo, too often...

  3. Dear Kay,I found comfort in your words. Very much so. You thinking of me means so much to me. Never thought there would be so wondeful people out there in blog-o-land, even less I found find them or sharing my emotions. No, I dont want to have an eraser. I am very much aware that past / happenings need to be looked at in depth to learn and grow. If you want feel free to contact me via Big hug, Paula

  4. this echoes with something i wrote a little while back... how well i know this. excellent writing kay!

  5. This poetry well reflected what is on our minds.

    Well done.