Thursday, May 7, 2009


I sit at the DMV
Waiting, for long hours
So many things I could be doing...
I wait my turn, trying to be patient
A woman replaces the last, next to me
Her elbow touches mine
As she invades my space
Compacted into my little square
I hold my breath, trying to become smaller
Don’t freak out, be calm, I tell myself
Her arm can touch mine
Cloth against cloth
Any moment it will be over
Her leg is against mine
It is okay
Do not go crazy!
Let it be
The room becomes smaller
Children screaming
I know the feeling
I despise the DMV


  1. lemme out of here!!!!! so well expressed dear kay!

  2. Me toooooo! LOL Get me out of here too!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend, Kay :)

  3. We all dislike going to the DMV. It's universal.

  4. Great poem. I know that feeling of being crowded -- you express it so well. Panic!!

    I am lucky where I live. The DMV comes to our town and uses a room in the courthouse -- hardly ever crowded when I have been:)

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my last post. It really boosted my spirits.

    I love your description of being "a simple girl with many thoughts and too much time alone with them" in your profile. Perfect.

  5. Well done, you just described most of my visits to DMV in a few lines. No matter what state, I think they're all the same. Though the wait time has improved in NJ, I'll give them that much. Can do most things on line or through mail now too. All the best- LL